Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet My New Granddaughter!!

Avaleigh Skye Ross.
Born January 22, 2015
7 lb, 13 oz., 20 in.

Avaleigh was delivered via c-section so above it the first time Bethany could hold her baby!

Their sweet little family.

 Meeting Gramma for the first time!

Meeting Great Granny for the first time!

So very upset with that mean nurse who gave me my first bath!!!


Worn out after her bath, shot, weighing, poking, prodding, hair do, and getting dressed.

We are completely in love with the baby!!


  1. What a beauty! Enjoy her but try not to spoil her,lol

  2. She is beautiful. Congratulation on the new addition to you family. Enjoy all of the precious moments that she will bring to your lives.


  3. Congratulations! She's adorable!

  4. Awwwww, she is gorgeous Susan!!! She looks perfect in every way. A big congrats to you all!!! I know I don't have to tell you to enjoy this little bundle. lol She was born two days before my youngest son's birthday. Enjoy the spoiling!!! Hugs, Brenda

  5. She is so beautiful Susan!!! Congratulations to all of you!!!
    Your life will never be the same again!! Grands just hold a very special place in your heart! :)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is just adorable!!!

  7. congratulations to the new mom and dad and grandparents. She is so special. Lovely. give a kiss for me. I love the little ones.


  8. Perfect in every way...God's creation...enjoy this bundle of joy and just spoil her rotten!!

  9. Oh SUSAN! You must be over the moon! Sorry I'm a little slow, here. Congrats to the whole family! She is beyond precious! Fun times ahead. xxD