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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Visit From My Favorite Baby!

Hello friends!  Yes, I really am sharing more baby photos with you!! :)  I had a virus this last week and was on a self-imposed baby restriction for three days!  It was awful... Especially the day that Doug and my mom got to go visit Avaleigh without me!  But by Thursday I was feeling better and on Friday morning, after her one week check up, Avaleigh had her parents bring her by for a visit with gramma (or so I tell myself).

After her tough morning at at the doctor's office, followed by yum-yums from her mommy, Avaleigh was one tired little girl.  She did fight sleep for a bit and try to wake up to play with Gran Doug and I, but finally, sleep won out!

So yes, I got out my camera and took more photos of my favorite baby.  I then looked at all of the photos over and over after she went home!!!  I am so completely smitten!!

Because Avaleigh looks so big in the other photos, I am posting this blurry photo of me holding her so that you can see her real size.  I told her that she now weighs as much as her mommy did at birth! 

I do have a new post for both tomorrow and Monday, so stop back by for updates.


  1. She is absolutely adorable! Sorry you were sick, but glad you got to spend time with Avaleigh once you were better. (And I totally understand about looking at the pictures over and over!)

  2. I so love these photos Susan!!! She is just beautiful and I know you are one proud gramma!!! And I'm sure Avaleigh did tell her mommy and daddy to bring her by to see you. I'm sure she missed you those three days that you were sick!!!! :)

  3. She is so ADORABLE. You can show all you want.

  4. She sure is precious Susan! I don't blame you for taking lots of pictures of her, how can you not?! I love that head full of hair! I'm so glad that you are feeling better and got to see her again. I know how elated you are with this bundle of joy!! Hugs, Brenda