Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Alice Birthday Card and Birthday Party

Hello friends, today I am sharing a birthday card I made for my granddaughter, who had the most darling vintage Alice in ONE-derland birthday party.  

I used Cricut's Disney Classics cartridge to create Alice, the White Rabbit, and the birthday cake on this card.  I honestly do not remember what I used for the Happy 1st Birthday sentiment, but I do recall that it was more than just a cartridge cut (I included cut text). 

Avaleigh's first birthday party was the weekend before her actual birthday.  She had been on the antibiotic for her ear infection for a couple of days so we were hopeful that she would feel better.  As the recipient of  her virus "sharing", I am going to say that a couple of days is not long enough to feel better.  That virus was evil and hung on for over a week!  

Bethany and her friend Bailey did such a fantastic job with Avaleigh's party decorations.  I found a few fun decorations for them, the food tags and such, and they came up with all of the rest on their own!  Everything looked so sweet and so special!

For an ill one year old, Avaleigh had quite the large party.  She had family from both sides, four cousins, and some of her parents' friends.  Bethany had an amazing menu:  roasted pork tenderloin with cheese and a sauce sliders, fabulous chicken salad croissants, pbj's for the kids, potato salad, pasta salad, raw veggie cups with hummus and dip, chocolate dipped strawberries, themed rice crispy treats, sodas, punch, and the most fabulous homemade cupcake EVER!  Her sister-in-law kept asking where she purchased things and was stunned to realize that Bethany only purchased ingredients, croissants, and rolls.  Otherwise she was a busy mom and made everything.

I loved what Bethany and Bailey did with one of the birdcages leftover from Bethany's wedding.  They made a small three tiered cake and placed it inside the birdcage with  fresh roses and Alice themed food spears.  

Below is Bethany, a sick little Avaleigh, and Bailey.

Avaleigh really enjoyed pulling the tissue paper out of her gifts.  She had tissue flying left and right.

Avaleigh really liked the musical puppy her cousins gave her.  It is such a fun pull toy for her.

In fact, she liked the musical puppy so well that she did a little dance to the music!

Like everything else that she eats, Bethany made Avaleigh an organic birthday "smash" cake.

Our little princess would only poke at the frosting on her cake.  This was day two of her refusal to eat.  She kept drinking throughout her illness, but she had two or three days where she refused food.

The photo below captures Avaleigh's attitude toward her cake perfectly.  She would look at it, she even touched it once, but she refused to engage with it!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed my Alice birthday card and Avaleigh's first birthday party recap!

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  1. Avaleigh is a cutie! The party decor looks beautiful, and I love the card you made! Thanks for sharing.