Monday, March 23, 2015

Where IS That Busy With The Cricky Lady?

Yes, yes, I have been missing for TWO WEEKS!  What is up with that you ask (well pretend you asked)?  I have had two very busy weeks.  This blog post will give you the highlights.

First, there is my scraproom.  I am completely embarrassed to post these two photos as my room has NEVER, EVER been this much of a disaster area.  I mean NEVER....  And fortunately, it no longer is this bad, but neither is it ready to be photographed.  I have been working on the room a bit at a time for the last week and a half.

Yes, that is my desk top.  Everything on that desk needs to find a home in the scraproom.  Some of it is still searching......

I remember when I cleaned up everyday... Every time I finished for the day I took time to put away all of my tools, scraps, etc and leave a clean desk.  If I ever get my scraproom back to a totally clean state, that is going to be my practice once again.

Last weekend (weekend before last?) my friend Pat was in town visiting.  She met my granddaughter for the first time and I think they will be friends!!

Other events in my life in the last week - I celebrated my 55th birthday!!  My birthday was last Saturday - a beautiful 77 degree day here in Aiken!  I spent the day preparing for my Sunday event, straightening my house, and enjoying the emails, phone calls, and facebook messages.

My immediate family, minus Ian who was in Atlanta, went to Buca di Beppo to celebrate my birthday.  We had such a nice time as everyone was in a good mood.  Dinner was yummie and I enjoyed my family so much.

Aaron and Crissie had been to the Steeplechase in Aiken earlier on Saturday so they were dressed nicely, sporting sunburns, and were delightful company.

My mom truly like Buca di Beppo.  She went along with whatever we wanted to order (the food is served family style) and reported that she enjoyed everything!

John, Bethany, and Avaleigh were also able to go to Buca.  Avaleigh was a little honey. She was awake most of the evening and was just chilling out looking around!  She finally had a little nap in her carrier.

After dinner we returned to our house for cake and ice cream.  Above is a photo of the cake Doug ordered - my first Gramma cake!!  It was also a delicious cake!!

 On Sunday I hosted my annual Spring Tea for a few girlfriends.  This year the theme of the tea was Meet the Babies!  Bethany and Avaleigh joined our friend Megan and her son Braden (Braden is actually Megan and her husband's second son) to meet some of their grandmothers' friends.  Peggy is holding her grandson - who is dressed like her - while Megan is meeting Avaleigh.  Avaleigh was quite interested in the other little person in the room.  Ironically Braden was interested in Avaleigh when she was napping.  These two need to work on their timing!

After the tea, Doug and I went to work getting our house ready for Avaleigh.  Today is Bethany's first day back to work - unhappily - and we are Avaliegh's care givers.   Doug put her bed together and I organized her supplies.  Say a prayer for us that this all goes well!

In the meantime - please do go by the Bitten by the Bug 2 blog and see the wonderful Frame It projects.  I hate that I am missing two weeks in a row, but life has been busy!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Floral BIrdcage Sympathy Card

Hello everyone.  Welcome to this week's Bitten by the Bug 2 project post.  This week I had the pleasure of selecting the Cricut Challenge Cut.  I chose a Birdcage.  There are many, many birdcages on many, many Cricut Cartridges so if you decide to join us, you will have a nice selection of birdcages from which to choose.

I chose this fun birdcage card from Close To My Heart's Artfully Sent cartridge.  I love the simplicity of the birdcage and the cutout bird inside.  The arches are just so pretty.

As fabulous as this birdcage card is alone, I thought I would dress it up with floral cuts and make it a sympathy card.  I used two floral cuts:  the rolled roses from Close To My Heart's Art Philosophy cartridge (in blue) and the beautiful floral spray from 3D Floral Home Decor (in cream and dark green).   I also added a bit of extra greenery with lighter green leaves also from the Art Philosophy cartridge.

I confess that I am loving these 3D Floral Home Decor flowers.  I see myself using those again and again in the future.   This must be part of my current floral addiction.  To date I have become addicted to Anna Griffin floral content, but I may have to add the 3D florals to my favorites list.

Please do take time to go by the Bitten By the Bug 2 blog and look at the various and creative ways the design team used their Birdcage cuts.  So many fun ideas there.  

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Hey there!  I know it's Monday and I am supposed to have a project for National Old Stuff Day over at Bitten by the Bug 2, but instead I am celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday!!   When asked, "How did you spend your weekend?", I could reply "Seuss Crafting!"  

With three of my four "teacher people kids" teaching in elementary schools, I spent the weekend getting my crafting on, learning new skills, and making cute, cute shirts!  Here in Aiken County Schools, Dr. Seuss' birthday is celebrated all week long - just like I enjoy celebrating my birthday!!  Each day has a theme and the teachers dress according to that day's theme.  I thought my teacher people needed Dr. Seuss inspired shirts for this week.  I created two shirt designs, actually three, but I ran out of heat transfer vinyl, so the third design will give each of them a second shirt later in the week.  For this post I will tell you about the first two designs.

I decided that I wanted to make one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish themed shirts.  I searched Google for Dr Seuss Fish images and found the image above.  It was a photo so I need to figure out how to cut it with my Cricut Explore.   

I found a list of valuable links on a facebook group page to which I am a member.  They had an "SVG Converter" listed.  I followed the link and ran the above image though the converter.  Below is a jpg of the final SVG I ended up with!  It was perfect.  My fish distorted a little bit because I did not check the size of my photo above (in megapixels) ahead of time thus I entered square dimension.  I learned as I went along and I know know to right click my jpg, check the size in properties, and  double that number when converting.  Anyway, I like my shorter, rounder fishies!  And I go very lucky in that the top two fish came out as outlines and the bottom fish as a solid.

I imported the SVG file (like the photo above) in to the Cricut Design Space software as a Vector image.  Once I had the image on the mat, I ungrouped the image.  I then found which outline most closely matched my solid fish and I deleted the other outline.  I copied and pasted my fish and his outline four times for a total of five fish.  I resized the fish so that only the two fish together would be the same size.  I then changed the colors of the solid fish from black to gray (I had no yellow HTV), two green, one red and one blue.

I then set the Explore for Heat Transfer Material and hit the GO button.  I did have some adjustments to make on the preview screen.  When I told the machine to cut enough of everything for 2 shirts, the preview did not flip all of my fish - I have no idea why, but I just went with it.  The cutting went very smoothly.  I had to do quite a bit of weeding on the fish outlines, but they were completely worth it!  I love how the shirts came out.

My son-in-law wanted his last name only on the back and the #8, like a team shirt.  I think this made it more "guy like" for him!

Crissie's shirt was made with a different image.  I started with this Cat In The Hat image, again from Google.  

When I ran this image through the converter (I had learned to look at the pixel size by this time) it came out as an SVG of the image below.  And this image did make my cutting, weeding, etc. a bit more complicated.  

I had planned to cut the image in four different colors of HTV and dissect the cuts and use only the parts I needed.  However, the best made plans... I ran out of red and black HTV - I only had scraps left.  So instead I cut the SVG in dark, dark gray shimmer vinyl.  I then used red scraps and but the balloons and part of the cat.   I saved the acetate cover on the HTV and traced the blade marks for the green and blue balloons onto HTV (I had not yellow).  

I used a craft knife and cut the middle out of the solid balloon and red sections of the hat.  I used scissors and hand trimmed the bow tie to fit the design.  I did the same thing with the red hat pieces.  I trimmed them to fit inside the area I cut out of the hat.  

My balloons did not fit into the balloon cut outs as well as I would have liked, but I thought the hat came out GREAT.  Overall I was quite pleased with this shirt.  Crissie told me that she liked the sparkly dark gray HTV too.  Yay!

Hopefully my new supply of HTV will arrive tomorrow and I can get a second shirt made for each of teacher people for Thursday!  I do have that third design all ready to go in Cricut Design Space!!

Also coming to my blog this week:  How I pimped my Cricut Explore!!!  

Please do go by Bitten By The Bug 2 and check out the Design Team's fabulous projects!!!  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cricut Baby Shoes

 Hey there!  Today I have a fun CRICUT cut project to share with you today.  Baby Shoes!  Seriously, baby shoes cut with the Cricut Explore!  How fun is that?  I found the baby shoes while scrolling down the Cricut Design Space home page and I knew I had to try to make them for our sweet Avaleigh.

 After importing the file, I cut the file in white felted wool with the Explore set on Fabric Plus.

I began by sewing the back of the shoe upper closed.  Then I marked the middle front and middle back of the upper shoe and sole, and basted them together.  I then measured and basted the sides.

Next I used three strands of embroidery floss and stitched the sole to the upper.   I used white thread to stitch a "tuck" into the shoe top to make the strap.  Finally I added the button and flower embellishment.

I forgot to mention that when I imported the cut file I adjusted the file to make the parts a bit smaller. I thought the original shoes were a bit too large for Avaleigh.

Tuesday night was family dinner night and I tried Avaleigh's shoes and her - and they fit perfect!  From now on I will only make larger size shoes.  Oh, and .... I ordered a variety pack of assorted colored felt from Amazon.  I am ready to make shoes for all of her outfits.

And speaking of my darling Avaleigh, guess who turned on month old early this week???  Yep, this pretty baby!!


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