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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Through the Years Mosaic

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Hello everyone.  I gave myself a mental health day off from blogging yesterday.  I had planned to post this layout, but was simply too tired to do the write up after a busy and an evening of scrapping.

I made this double page layout for one of my LOAD 513 prompts.  The prompt was the name of a classic mystery, the Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.  Using the title as a prompt we were asked to create a scrapbook layout.  I like to work in double pages so that the pages match once they are in the book.

My idea for this prompt was Doug and I as empty nesters.  We started with just the two of us and it seems like in no time at all it is just the two of us again.  I hoped to be able to show the passage of time in these two pages.

I used Mosaic Moments grid card stock to help me space my photo tiles.  I started with young us placed in the upper left  and progressed to the second page lower left were we have the current us. And in between are the children as babies, toddlers, elementary, middle and high school ages.  There is at least one college age of each child, and then it is just Doug and I again.

In the middle of the left pages I added the journaling below:

The top right twenty-two year old Doug and Susan.....  Four years before the first child joined us....

The current Doug and Susan - 31 years later....

One of the things I am enjoying most about LOAD 513 is the challenge to look at scrapping differently.  I tend to scrap events or activities.  This class is encouraging me to think in more specific terms.  I would not have thought of an age progression mosaic without this prompt.  With the first week of LOAD completed, I am looking forward to the next three weeks!!


  1. What a great way to tell a story and fit a lot of pictures on a page, well two pages. I love this format.

  2. Fantastic LO!! I am inspired to try this myself, even though we were only lucky enough to have 2 beautiful daughters!

  3. I just love this, Susan! the progression idea is fabulous. You two look like babies at 22 but I and still see that in the two of you now. so sweet! xxD

  4. What a super cool layout Susan!! I love this idea and love how your layout turned out! You are such a pro and doing LOAD 513 is really working out great for you!! I have loved everything you have done for LOAD, you truly separate the pro from the wanna be scrappers like me! lol I love seeing the pics of you and Doug before kids and after becoming empty nesters, so cute!! Where does the time go?!!