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Friday, May 3, 2013

LOAD 513 Day One Layout - Mrs. White

Hello everyone!  I am ready to tell you more about LOAD 513 now that I am getting the hang of this.  Each day there is a prompt that somehow relates to the Clue game.  Day one the prompt was "Mrs. White is in the house," the Clue character, Mrs. White.  You could do anything that had white.  There were several snow layouts, white belts in Karate, white space on the layout, etc.  I went with white lace.

Last fall on of the guys that my son Aaron grew up with was married.  Dane is a great guy and we think his wife is so nice.  I had previously cropped the family pages from the wedding - but then I received a couple of photos from the professional photographer.  I like this photo of the wedding party with Dane and Megan up front.  Aaron is the man in the back right leaning against the pillar.  He was a groomsman.

I included a lot of white lace cuts on this layout to meet the "white" requirement.  However, I decided to make my own flowers for this layout using Heartfelt Creations dies.   Using my Grand Calibur I cut the layers to make five flower.  I shaped and assembled the flowers following the steps below.

I started by inking the edges of the off white side of the petals.  Then using a stylus and foam mat, I began shaping the flowers.  I stared with the smallest sections and shaped the petals inward by pulling from the center of the petal down toward the center hole.

For all of the other layers of the flowers, regardless of size, I started with the petals face down.  Using the stylus, I made a back and forth C shape across the outer edges of the petals until the edges roll up.  As they rolled I used a finger to nudge the edge into the roll.

Once all of the petal edges were curled to the back, flipped the flower over began the second step of shaping.  Using the stylus in a back and forth motion, I made tiny circles from the center of each petal down toward the center of the flower.

 As I rubbed with the stylus the petals began to roll up (all but the outer edges) toward the middle of the flower.  Once all of the petals are standing up (with the edges curling out) each flower section should look like the flower below.

Once all of the layers are shaped, I begin assembling.  The center of the flower is assembled differently than all of the other layers.  Overlap the left side of each petal over the next, gluing the petals to make a little tunnel.

After the center had dried, glue each consecutive layer into the next, turning the flower slightly to off set the petal layers.   Your finished flowers should resemble the flower below.

After I finished shaping my flowers, I gave them a spritz with Glimmer Mist Sugar Cookie color.  This added darker areas in the flower.  I followed this with a few brush strokes of clear low glam glimmer.  Finally, while the flowers were still damp, I sprinkled the flowers with a very small amount of fine white glitter.  I waited for the flowers to dry completely before attaching them to my page.

In addition the flower, leaves, and lace, I also added a title using the Silhouette Cameo.  The Always & Forever cut is from the Silhouette America store.  I cut the title at 2.5 inches tall.

Here is one last look at my LOAD 513 day one layout.  I really do like the daily prompt and the motivation to get me into the scrap room daily. All daily layouts have to be posted in a private Flickr account by mid-night pacific time each day.  I am a bit concerned about when I go to my mom's over mother's day weekend.  Her Internet connection is very slow and is guaranteed to give me a hard time.  Hopefully we can run out someplace and I can use their Wi-Fi.

Thanks for stopping by today and view my layout.  I will be back tomorrow with a new post.


  1. Just beautiful Susan. Love the way you did your flowers. One of these days I am going to try that!

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  3. I do believe that LOAD 513 was custom design just for you Susan!! This layout is amazing! I am so loving those flowers and now want to try my hand at making them! Just beautiful pictures too! I don't know how you do it, but your layouts are always works of art! Hugs!