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Friday, May 10, 2013

Get a Clue - The Beatles with the Revolver in the....

Hey-o everyone.  If you were here earlier and only found photos and no text, that is what happens when your blog owner loads her photos but forgets to go back and finish the post.  I confess that I awoke at 5:00 am and realized that I was going to have a picture only post, but I did not jump up and correct it.

Today's layout - The Beatles - is one that I made LOAD 513 (Layout a day - May, 2013).  The daily prompt was Revolver, as in the revolver card from the Clue game.  Being a huge Beatles fan, my mind went to the Revolver album, hence my title = The Beatles with the Revolver in the (fill in the room).

The Beatles are one band that every member of our family enjoys, probably because the parents have corrupted the children!!  I can honestly say that the Beatles were the first "band" that I was conscience of as a group.

This double page layout is long over due in my scrapping life.  I have not previously scrapped about things like bands, favorite foods, favorite books or movies or whatever.  LOAD 513 is making me look at that at bit differently.  Scrapping does not always have to be about an event or specific outing.

The journaling in the upper right corner is a list of the original Beatle albums that were released between 1960 and 1970.  I somehow thought there had been more than 14.  But then I did not include the Red Album, the Blue Album, the LOVE album, the ONE album or any of the later releases.  What I find fascinating about the Beatles music library is that there are different versions of the same songs - my favorite Lady Madonna is a jazz version on one of the later albums - a version they decided not to put on the original album.  Their library includes so much music that if I were required to listen to only one band, I would choose the Beatles.  So much of what they recorded was never released, or is just being released.

Sorry for forgetting to add the text to this post last night... These things do happen. Have a great weekend and give the mom's in your life, whether your own mom or a mom you admire, some love this weekend!!


  1. GREAT layout! I hadn't thought of ever doing a layout with the Beatles but my gosh they were a HUGE part of my childhood!

    Thanks for sharing this, and I think this is a great answer to the "Revolver" card!

  2. Very creative use of the prompt. Fun layout. xxD

  3. Wow, this is such a fun layout!! I haven't scrapped any music or anything like this either. But what a cool idea! How fun that your family has the Beatles in common-who doesn't love their music?!! Hugs!