Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Visit From My Favorite Baby!

Hello friends!  Yes, I really am sharing more baby photos with you!! :)  I had a virus this last week and was on a self-imposed baby restriction for three days!  It was awful... Especially the day that Doug and my mom got to go visit Avaleigh without me!  But by Thursday I was feeling better and on Friday morning, after her one week check up, Avaleigh had her parents bring her by for a visit with gramma (or so I tell myself).

After her tough morning at at the doctor's office, followed by yum-yums from her mommy, Avaleigh was one tired little girl.  She did fight sleep for a bit and try to wake up to play with Gran Doug and I, but finally, sleep won out!

So yes, I got out my camera and took more photos of my favorite baby.  I then looked at all of the photos over and over after she went home!!!  I am so completely smitten!!

Because Avaleigh looks so big in the other photos, I am posting this blurry photo of me holding her so that you can see her real size.  I told her that she now weighs as much as her mommy did at birth! 

I do have a new post for both tomorrow and Monday, so stop back by for updates.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sympathy Card with Bitten By the Bug 2

Hey there!  After the best weekend ever meeting my new Granddaughter, Avaleigh, it is time to get back to normal Monday activities and that means Bitten By The Bug 2.  My sweet Design Team sister, Sharon, selected the theme of this week's Cricut Challenge - Sympathy Cards.

Sympathy cards are something that we all need from time to time, but most of us do not enjoy making them.  I am going to confess right up front that this is not my best card ever, though I do like certain elements.  

I used two Cricut Cartridge to create this card, Anna Griffin Elegant Embellishments and Close To My Heart Artfully Sent.  I also used two Close To My Heart stamp sets to create the sentiment tag, the frame set that came with the Artfully Sent Cartridge set, and the Words of Comfort stamp set.

I dressed up the inside of the card with a double matting for my message and with one of the beautiful flowers from the Anna Griffin cartridge.  I do love the flowers on this card so you can expect to see them again!

I do hope that you go by the Bitten By the Bug 2 blog and look at the sympathy cards the design team created.  While my head was clearly still in Gramma-land, the design team did a fabulous job on the challenge.  We do hope that you are inspired to join this week's Sympathy Card challenge.

I am please to report that Bethany and Avaleigh did so well after the birth that they were released from the hospital a day earlier than planned.  Their sweet little family is settled in at home and working on a new routine.  It took great effort, but we stayed home yesterday to let them settle in on their own.  

These photos of our little diva in her leopard trimmed gown and cap were captured at the hospital when she was one day old.  I fear I am that annoying gramma who had to photograph everything!

The photo below was sent to me by Bethany on Saturday when we were having Avaleigh withdrawals!  She also wanted to show off another gown and cap set that I found for Avaleigh.

Yesterday - yes, we did go hold, snuggle, and kiss out baby - Avaleigh was styling her Golden Girls  onesie and her beanie that Uncle Ian gave her for Christmas.  Bethany feared that she looked like a boy, but I pointed out that her little leggings has bling on them!

After we were home last night Bethany shared this photo of her and Avaleigh.  Avaleigh had her bath, put on clean jammies, and then enjoyed dinner with her mommy before passing out with a completely contented look on her face!!

I promise not to turn my blog into the All About Avaleigh blog, but give me bit to adjust!!  :)

Thanks for stopping by today.  I will be back later in the week with a new project to share!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet My New Granddaughter!!

Avaleigh Skye Ross.
Born January 22, 2015
7 lb, 13 oz., 20 in.

Avaleigh was delivered via c-section so above it the first time Bethany could hold her baby!

Their sweet little family.

 Meeting Gramma for the first time!

Meeting Great Granny for the first time!

So very upset with that mean nurse who gave me my first bath!!!


Worn out after her bath, shot, weighing, poking, prodding, hair do, and getting dressed.

We are completely in love with the baby!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Poorly Photographed Layout and a Baby Update

Hello everyone.  Today I am going to share another poorly photographed wedding layout with you AND give you an update on my overdue granddaughter. 

Bethany was admitted to the hospital last night, given medication and was hooked up for monitoring. Avaleigh is being a stubborn girl and just does not want to meet us!  However, Bethany's doctor says enough is enough - today is the day!  This morning Bethany will be reevaluated and most likely will receive a Pitocin drip to start labor.  If nothing develops and there is not marked progress, Avaleigh will be delivered via c-section today.  The odds are against them for a natural delivery.  The doctor said that 80% of women in Bethany's circumstances (lack of dilation, etc.) end up with a section. Bethany seems to be taking this all in stride, though she and John did call and talk to us last night. But then again that was probably to settle down Doug and I!!!  If all goes well I just might have baby photos to post tomorrow!

Now to paper crafting - this two page layout - again POORLY photographed - was created using Heartfelt Creations card stock with solids.  I love, love the sentiment - You put the Happily in my Ever After.  I found this cut and the Mr. & Mrs. cut in the Silhouette America store.  

I used a lot of pearls to embellish this layout.

I hate that the photos are so dark, blurred, glarey, etc.  The layout really is darling when one can actually see it!

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check back tomorrow to see if we have baby news!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentine Phrase Card

Hello everyone!  First things first, no we do not have a baby yet!  Avaleigh is already taking after her mama!  I will keep you posted when this baby finally decides it is time to meet her family!

Today is Monday and that means it is time for the weekly Bitten By The Bug 2 challenge. My very talented and very nice design team sister, Pam, is hosting the challenge this week. Pam asked the team to use Cricut cut letters or phases on our projects this week.  I chose to use the Happy Valentine's Day phrase on the Valentine's Day cartridge.

I used three Cricut cartridges on this project:  Anna Griffin Elegant Embellishments for the swirl layers and the tag shapes, Soiree Lettering for the pretty layered flower cut, and as I mentioned above, Valentine's Day for the layered phrase.

I used primarily Anna Griffin card stock on this card, with the exception of the pink Bazzill card and Close To My Heart white card stock.  I love the elegant Anna Griffin papers and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to put them to use.

I love this layered flower cut from Soiree Lettering.  I think I will be using this same cut on future wedding layouts.  I had hoped to finish the wedding layouts before the baby arrived, and the way she is stalling, I just might make it!!  I finished the card with a wide pink bow.  

I think this card is so feminine.  I managed to keep the card hidden from my mom so hopefully, if she does not see it on facebook, this can be her Valentine card this year! 

You know we love it when our readers join us in the weekly challenge at Bitten By The Bug 2.  Please find some crafting time this week and join us in the Letter or Phase challenge.  Just link you Cricut project below the Letter or Phase post at the BBTB2 blog.

We are currently having a Design Team call at Bitten By The Bug 2

The Bitten By The Bug 2 Design Team is looking to expand and add new talent to our ranks. We will be accepting applicants through January 30th.  Submit photos of your five best projects - Cricut created projects - to

  • Design Team members are expected to participate in weekly challenges 3 out of 4 weeks per month.  
  • You must have your weekly projects submitted by 10:00 pm each Sunday night for the following Monday morning post.
  • You are required to host the challenge once quarterly and select the challenge cut when you host.  You also select the Project of the Week winner from your challenge.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Design Team Call

The Bitten By The Bug 2 Design Team is looking to expand and add new talent to our ranks. We will be accepting applicants through January 30th.  Submit photos of your five best projects - Cricut created projects - to

  • Design Team members are expected to participate in weekly challenges 3 out of 4 weeks per month.  
  • You must have your weekly projects submitted by 10:00 pm each Sunday night for the following Monday morning post.
  • You are required to host the challenge once quarterly and select the challenge cut when you host.  You also select the Project of the Week winner from your challenge.
  • You are to leave comments on participants' blogs.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dickens Village Crafting

Hello everyone!  First of all - no, we do not have any baby news yet!  Avaleigh is taking her own sweet time arriving!

While I do have several wedding layouts I could be sharing with you, instead I am going to share some crafting I have been doing for my Dept 56 Dickens Village display.   I purchased my first Dickens Village piece after Christmas in 2013.  Last November I added two more buildings and the people that coordinate with the village church I chose.  Santa was a honey and brought me the Milliner Shop and the two hat ladies.  And my mom gave me the electrical consolidation kit and a set of trees.

I had the first three buildings sitting on top of an antique white linen and lace card table tablecloth. But as more pieces arrived I starting doing a bit of research on Google, Pinterest, and ebay and found that I could purchase various styles of Styrofoam bases for the village.

I found this 17 x 48 inch two piece base on etsy at Country Store and More.  I purchased the base and it fit nicely, with a bit of room left on each end, on the counter top of my HUGE antique cabinet.  I really like the base and in playing with it, I discovered that it can be put together to form four different layouts.  I chose to use the layout above in my photos.

While I was thrilled to have the village base, I planned to a bit of remodeling when I took the little village apart to put away.  Yesterday was put away day.  And yesterday afternoon I went to work on my base (because in this case, it really was "All about the base").

I purchased a small bag of "field stones" from a miniature shop on Amazon and glued the flat side of the stones to the carved walls on the base to create stone retaining walls.  I think once I add loose snow to the stones next Christmas they will look great.

I like the carved steps and walkways on my base, but I felt that the Dickens Village would not not have gray shimmer roads and walkways, but brown stone.  I took two of my Close To My Heart markers, Clay and Brown, and I colored over the gray.  First I went over all of the gray areas with the Clay colored marker, then I added brown specs, spots, and highlights.  I also added some mud and brown stone look to the stairs.

I purchased the Dept 56 stone steps for my display.  I used a craft knife and cut away one set of steps, carving into the base, so that the stone steps reach the walkway on the next tier up.

I also found some darling little Dept 56 Dickens stone and wrought iron fence pieces that look fabulous at the top of the retaining walls!

I confess that I did do some after Christmas shopping for next year's village.  I added two more buildings. the Dickens Village sign and lamp lighter, the horse drawn carriage, additional people, and more tiny details.

I went back to the store where I purchased the base and asked if the could customize a second base for me.  I have two 8.5 inch deep shelves above the area where the base sat this year and I thought it would be great to cut the base in half length wise and put half on each of the next two shelves.  That will ensure that I have plenty of room for my village to grow and all of the bases will match.

In the meantime, my Village is packed away until the end of the year.  I cannot wait to find more cute little pieces for my village next Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by today....

Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow Sweet Snowflake Baby Layout

Hello everyone.  This week is hopefully going to be a BIG WEEK in our family: Bethany and John's baby is due this Saturday!  We keep hoping that she will decide she wants to come early, but so far no such luck!  Aside from awaiting Avaleigh's arrival, we also celebrated Bethany's 27th birthday.  We celebrated yesterday though her birthday is actually tomorrow.  And in the midst of all of this expectation, we are having chilly wet weather.  

This week at Bitten By the Bug 2 our very talented DT sister, Michelle (who creates amazing layouts) selected our Cricut Challenge Cut.  Michelle challenged the design team, and you, to use Cricut cut SNOWFLAKES on a project this week.  As wet as South Carolina is, I think I should be using raindrops, but I do love snowflakes - that Michigan girl inside me still enjoys the snow.  With Avaleigh due any time now, and with our cold, wet weather there is always the hope of a bit of snow, I decided to make a first page for Avaleigh's first scrapbook.  The page is titled "Snow Sweet." 

I used two cartridges to create this layout:  Lacy Labels and Everyday Fonts.  I used a selection of pink card stock, along with a shimmery piece of card stock for some of the snowflakes.  I had a VERY difficult time photographing the page true to color.  Normally I use my Ott lights to illuminate whatever I choose to photograph and the colors look wonderful.  Not so much with this layout.  The papers are so pretty, but I feel like the photos do not due justice to the actual project.  I tried four different photo shoots before I finally gave up.  

After cutting and assembling my page elements, I matted the large snowflake trimmed label on an 11.5 inch square of floral card stock.  I glued that to a shimmery 12 inch square of SEI card stock.  I used my sewing machine and ran a straight stitch around the edge of the polka dot label, and a zigzag stitch around the edge of the floral print.  

I am going to apologize again for the unflattering photos.  I hope that if you should decide to join us in the Snowflake Challenge this week at Bitten By The Bug 2 that your project photographs better than mine!  

I do promise to keep you posted on Bethany and Baby Avaleigh's progress this week.  Bethany has not been happy when I have reminded her that SHE was NINE DAYS LATE!  Let's hope her daughter is not quite so pokey!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

GOOD NEWS: The CTMH Rolling Tote Is Back In Stock

Hello everyone!  I have awesome news today:  The Close To My Heart Rolling Tote is back in stock and ready to order!!  I am happy to be able to give you a personal endorsement on this product.  My friend Kathy (MFK) hosted four days of cropping at her home last week and I used my new ROLLING TOTE to transport my supplies.  Many of my friends commented on the wonderful size of the tote and its pretty design!  I am thrilled that I purchased this tote!

You do not want to miss out on this tote!   Quantities are limited!!

If you would like to receive $25 worth of free paper, stamps, or ink, contact me before you order and we can set up your order as a gathering and you can earn $25 in hostess credit!  Just email me at

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Details Wedding Layout

Hello everyone.  Do you remember the old saying, "The Devil's in the details"?  I do not believe that.  I believe the finished look is in the details.  And that is what this layout is all about - the look of Bethany's wedding created with the details.

First, I MUST apologize for the color issues I have had with the last two layouts.  Neither Monday's layout nor today's layout photographed true to color.  The colors are much better in real life.

I was a very fortunate mother of the bride in that my daughter had a vision of what she wanted for her wedding AND it was a look that I loved and had no trouble embracing and growing.

With this layout I feared any scrapping elements might over shadow the actual photos so I went with a simple layout:  I cut my printed 12 x 12 inch sheets of Heartfelt Creations card stock down to 10.5 x 10.5 inches and matting them onto CTMH Colonial White card stock. Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut six double layer roses and two corner vines.

I assembled four of the roses the correct way, and for the other two I applied the negative area of the petal cutouts to the background rose.  I wanted to create a bit of contrast when I layered the flowers on the pages.

I cut the vine in a subtle cashmere color to enhance the pages, but not over take them.  I am very pleased with how the pages turned out, even if the photos do not reflect the true colors and details.

Please forgive any errors in this post - I am sure I missed many.  We like to honor the true 12 days of Christmas at our house so yesterday was Christmas decor de-decorating day where everything was taken down and put away - almost.  My Dickens Village is still out  and I must sort through bows and tags to see what is salvageable.  Yesterday was also my mom's 78th birthday so in addition to the Christmas deconstruction, I also hosted our family for Granny's birthday gathering last night.  It was a LONG day.  THEN I prepared this blog post. 

Thanks for stopping by today.  I will be back in the week more rested with a new post!