Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice and Snowmageddon

Hello Friends!  Welcome to Icemageddon!  After a weekend in the 60 degree temperatures, Mother Nature has once again teamed up with Mr. Freeze (think Batman villain) and they are implementing their diabolical plan on the Southeast.  Things were so bad here that the Weather channel's Jim Cantore was in town, informing us that we are located in the epicenter of this storm.  Thanks Jim, I think we figured that out with a glance at the  map!

When you look at these photos you should be aware that it has NOT snowed yet.  We are supposed to get snow starting tonight... anytime now, actually.  The white in these photos is ice.  Everything is iced over here in Aiken.   The first three photos are from my front yard.  I am currently avoiding the back yard.  Doug told me that part of the woods came down on our azaleas.  I should have asked about my blueberry bushes, but to be honest, I am not sure that I want to know.

I ventured no further than half way down our drive way and across into our front yard.  Doug went and knocked ice off of the DirecTv dish and he went out back with the Duncan.  Not me, man.  I am cozy and warm and staying inside.

Meanwhile, facebook is full of photos of our frosted town.  The traffic circle on Lauren's Street is generally a very busy place.  Not so today, though there are some tire tracks in the ice.

Lauren's Street, the main shopping area down town, was closed today.  In fact, everything was closed today.  Aiken is officially iced over.

I hate to see this, in the photo above some of the very old magnolia trees have lost large limbs.  I have had limbs falling in my back yard as well.  When they break it sounds like an explosion.  The limbs just cannot support the weight of 1.5 inches of ice.  By the way, it was not really snowing.... Google added the snow to the photo for me.  I thought it was pretty so I kept it!

And for you golf fans (MFJ - Jayne) this is for you:  This is a photo from the Augusta Nationals today.  It is only seven weeks until the Master's tournament.  The grounds keepers are going to be busy removing fallen and broken trees and limbs, as well as clearing the debris.   But in seven weeks this same scene will be resplendent with a green carpet of grass and fabulous blooming azaleas!

Not wasting my day too much, I have been working on Valentine's for Bethany's students.  I should have plenty of time to finish them as there is not school today or tomorrow for local students and teachers.  Hopefully we will be back to normal by Friday.  I am just thankful that unlike 10 years ago during the ice storm, we have not lost power.


  1. Hi MFS! Your pictures are beautiful. Never seen ice like that ! Will have to show the boys your pictures later, only ever see picture of Augusta in bloom!
    Stay safe and warm.
    Jayne x

  2. You have some amazing pictures Susan, and yep I've seen it first hand at my own house. lol I have the same kind of pics on my blog as well. Now we have the deep snow, a foot of it. Was heavy snow too, so it compacted, so I think we got more than a foot. Now is it snowing again. And here I was wanting to move back down south as I'm sick of winter. Winter would probably follow me! lol I hate to see those lovely tree's loss their limbs. Stay warm my friend. Hugs!

  3. OMG, Susan! Hope you've thawed out by now. The pix are beautiful, magical really BUT... Sorry I've been MIA. Think about you lots. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. xxD

  4. I enjoyed your pictures. I like the Google pic with the added snow. Hope everything is green again, soon. I can imagine this weather is not fun. We have had a bad winter here in Illinois, too. I threatened to move south, but I don't think anyone is having a good time!