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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cruise Layout - Two Ports of Call

It's time for more cruising layouts!!  I have six more pages, or three double page layouts, to share with you today.  These pages are representative of what I did with the shore excursion pages.  The two pages above are of our Freeport visit.  We acted like goof-balls getting off of the ship, playing with the Captain's Wheel.  We then took a tour of the Island and visited some shopping areas.  After we completed our shopping adventure Doug and I enjoyed a local cafe/pub where we cooled off and mingled with locals. 

Above are the first two Key West pages.  I included out City Tour pamphlet as well as various photos from around town.  I wanted this page to be an overview of what we found special about Key West, and that is what I included in my journal block on the left hand page.

Below are our last two Key West pages, but ironically there are at least four more pages that will go between the pages above and those below.  I have yet to complete the pages of the Butterfly Conservatory and our other stops.

 As I said above, these two pages are the final Key West layouts.  These photos were taking at the port, except for the lower two pages on the right page, which were taken from the top of the ship.  The port was so pretty with cute shops, pubs, and a wonderful ice cream shop!  We both enjoyed cooling off in the ice cream shop and sharing out table with one of our fellow passengers.

I may not have a new post tomorrow.  We *just* received a call from Doug's uncle and aunt announcing that they are coming to town tomorrow for a visit!!!  Good thing I did so much house cleaning today!  Yikes.  I will be back by the end of the week.


  1. Love your style!!!

  2. I really like the way you did the "tour" pages. It really tells the story and includes a lot of pictures. I prefer that way of scrapping - more pictures, less embellishments.

  3. LOVE the Layouts! Sorry it's been awhile since I've been here! I'm the new owner of a store... been sooo super busy! :o) Glad I got the chance to finally stop in and say HI! :o)


  4. Those are amazing layouts. I have a disney trip, Jamaica trip, and now a Vegas trip that I was having a hard time scraping without having a millon pages. Now I have some isperation:)

  5. Awesome layouts, Susan! I like that you've got these pages chock full of photos. I am so NOT good at doing that.