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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dollhouse Build Project Update #4 - Very Late

Hello friends! Welcome back for week four of my Dollhouse building project update.  I have come a long, long way on this house, but there are still a lot of little details - plus the roof - to finish.  I am still debating with myself about a couple of decisions, but it should be finished in the next couple of weeks!

I have finished the majority of the stone work on the exterior, except for the quoin corners and the back of the house. I added the roof trim and the balcony just this week. 

Hello friends! Welcome back for week three

Let's enter through the front door and you 

The entryway leads to the stairs, then the living room.  If you turn left in the entryway, you will end up in the pink dining room.

The kitchen is 97% complete, but I am still working on the crown molding in the dining room.

When you go up the stairs you will come out on the landing outside the bathroom and the master bedroom.

The colors in the master bedroom look a little dark in this photo.  The paper is a very pretty burgundy print.  I love the mural on the ceiling.

The third floor is still coming along.  I have to build three window seats and add all of the molding, as well as finish the dormers.  This attic is painted a cream color, though the light makes the color appear more where here.

In addition to the other moldings I need to finish, I need to add white trim across the back edges of the floors and walls. The white trim will create a finished look.

I will give you one more look at the overall house.  Hopefully the next time you see the house the roof will be finished.

Not only do I need to finish the stonework on the foundation, I also still need to build the stairs and do a bit of landscaping.

Thanks for stopping by today to take a peek.