Cricut Maker Machine

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Cards

Hello friends! Welcome to my project for this week's Bitten By the Bug 2 Cricut Challenge.  I am hosting a non-linked challenge this week.  I have asked to design team members to share their favorite Christmas card they crafted this year.  

My absolute favorite is the pink card above.  I loved this card.  It seems to the capture the magic and joy of Christmas, all presented in soft layered colors.

The vintage looking card above is the card which I reproduced the largest numbers of copies.  We sent out 22 copies of this card. a good hunk of the 75 cards we shared this year.  

I loved the elegance of this red card.  The word JOY is so festive looking with the cut outs in the letters, and I like the golden pine cones.

Below is another of my favorite cards.  I like the vintage image of the sweet little angels watching over baby Jesus (need I add, blonde, Caucasian Jesus?).  Ah the 1950's and 1960's ideas about Jewish Baby Jesus. 

I hope that you have enjoyed viewing my favorite Christmas card from 2017.  I am already planning a style change for 2018!!

From our family to you, Merry Christmas!!