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Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Flowers Birthday Card

Hello friends. Welcome to this week's Bitten By the Bug 2 challenge. My very sweet Design Team sister Caroline selected this week's challenge topic.  Caroline has asked us to use Cricut cut spring flowers on our projects!  What perfect timing.  My yard is currently in full bloom!

This is one of those rare times when I completed the challenge project well ahead of time.  I made this birthday card for my friend Pat.  Pat's birthday was in early March and you cannot believe how unlike me it was to have a challenge done that far ahead!

I only used one Cricut cartridge to create this tent fold birthday card - Flower Market.  All of these months later I still absolutely adore this cartri
dge.  I used the oval wreath cut and added the textured green leaves at the bottom, as well a two bundles of flowers.  

The Cricut Explore not only cut the cute birthday banner, but it also wrote the sentiment for me.  

With so many spring flowers in bloom the design team had not problem finding inspiration for this week's challenge.  We invite YOU to join our challenge this week also.  Nature is in bloom and so are the design team projects at Bitten by the Bug 2.  Hop on over and check out the projects, then link your new spring flower project under the Spring Flowers challenge post.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sweet Challenge

Hello friends. Welcome to this week's Bitten By the Bug 2 challenge.  Our sweet and so very talented Design Team sister, Valentyna, chose the theme for this challenge - SWEET.  

I had these photos from last summer - Avaleigh's first trip to the ice cream parlor.  It was such a sweet moment and these photos captured some of that sweetness.  And too, there is the sweet ice cream!

I used two cartridges to create this layout - Country Life and Simply Charmed.  My page title was cut using the Country Life cartridge.  I took the existing "Cream of the Crop" title from Country Life and, using basic shapes, I built the background for the work "Ice." I accomplished this by adding small shapes together to fit behind the letters.  Once I was happy with the background for the word Ice, I welded that to the existing background.  I then cut the blue layer "Cream Crop" twice.  Using small scissors, I trimmed away a C and an E for the word ice.  I then trimmed one side of M to create the i.  That changed the title from "Cream of the Crop" to "Ice Cream of the Crop,"  more fitting for this layout.

Those adorable ice cream cones were cut using the Simply Charmed cartridge.  I know you may be shocked, but I actually did not edit the cut file at all (other than colors) prior to cutting!  I did, however, add pen highlights and glitter to the cones after assembling the pieces (see the photo above).

All in all, I think this is a very sweet layout of my favorite little girl and her ice cream.  I love the sweet snuggle photo with Avaleigh and her great-granny, my mom.  

We hope that you plan to join the SWEET challenge this week at Bitten By The Bug 2.  There are so many options for things that are sweet, this challenge should be super easy.

If you have not already done so, please go by the BBTB2 blog and check out Valentyna's and all of the other design team projects.  They are sure to inspire you!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Basket Tag for Jude

Hello friends.  I am back today with Jude's Easter Basket tag.  Jude's tag is very similar to Avaleigh's tag, though considerably less feminine.  Jude's tag uses three main colors - aqua, yellow, and white (Jude's name is embroidered on his bag in aqua). I used four Cricut cartridges to create Jude's tag, fewer than I used for his sister's.

The base tag was cut using Ashlyn's Alphabet, a basic three piece tag.  Like Avaleigh's tag, the flowers, greenery, and the cute little chick were cut using Flower Market.  Though of course I used fewer flowers on this tag and changed to colors of the flowers to aqua and white.  The Easter eggs were cut using the Easter Magic cartridge.  I edited the colors to make the eggs better blend with the colors of tag.  For the banner, I again used the Winter Wonderland cartridge, but I chose this great striped paper for the banner, hole support, and a touch of accent on the background.  I think the stripe looks great with all of the solids.  I used the add text feature in Design Space and the Cricut wrote the sentiment on to the banner.

The close up above shows how extra color was applied to the background layers to add more interest.  You can also see the chick, egg, and banners better.  You also can better see the ink dots I added to to various cuts.

Here is a final photo of the two Easter tags side by side.  I am really pleased with how the tags turned out. I realize as the children get older I will be making tags that are more in line with their interests.  But for this year, they are getting "pretty tags".  

Thank you for stopping by for the second day of Easter Tags! 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Basket Tag for Avaleigh

Hello friends.  Happy Holy Week and post-Spring Break week.  This Sunday is Easter, and a rarity - it is both Western and Eastern Orthodox Easter (they rarely fall on the same date and an explanation of this will be provided below for Nerds like me who like to know these things).  

I am hosting the Cricut Challenge at Bitten By The Bug 2 this week and have selected the theme Easter for the projects. I asked the Design Team and you (!) to craft projects for Easter.  You may choose a card, a layout, a tag, or a home decor project. 

For my project I decided to make Easter tags for Avaleigh's and Jude's Easter "baskets" - though their baskets from GranDoug and I are really embroidered burlap bags from Pottery Barn as we are not their Easter Bunny. Today I will share Avaleigh's girly Easter tag with you.

I used five Cricut cartridge to create Avaleigh's tag.  The basic tag was cut from the Sweethearts cartridge.  I used a strip of lace from the Vintage Wedding cartridge and welded the lace to the bottom of the tag back layer creating the beautiful and delicate lower edge of the tag. The flowers, greenery, and Chickie were cut using Flower Market.  I had never made the daffodils before and am pleased with how they turned out. They were much easier than I had feared.  The Easter eggs were cut using the Easter Magic cartridge.  I edited colors to make each egg individualized. The banner was cut using the Winter Wonderlands cartridge. I removed the original wording from the tag and the Happy Easter sentiment was written on the banner using the add text feature on the Cricut.  I am not going to lie, I spent several days designing this tag.  I would go in and out of Design Space and tweak the design daily until I was finally happy. As I have previously stated, I do like designing on the virtual mat in Design Space.

I thought you might like a close up of some of the detail on the tag.  I added additional rectangles and strips of paper to the background layer of the tag, then used daubers to apply subtle colors of ink to the layers, flower, and banner edges.  I used dimensional dots to layer the elements on the card. The tag was attached to the bag using cream colored faux silk (seam binding) ribbon.  

In the photo above you see both Avaleigh's and Jude's tags.  I will give you more detail on Jude's tag tomorrow.  

If you have not already been by the Bitten By The Bug 2 blog, run do not walk!  There are some amazing Easter Projects on display... including several GREAT Easter layouts and cards.  My Design Team sisters are loaded with talent!!

I would like to invite YOU to join our Cricut challenge this week.  Use any Cricut cartridges to create an Easter themed project, then share with use by linking under the original post at Bitten By The Bug 2 blog.

Thank you for stopping by today.  

Easter date notes for the other ecclesiastical nerds out there:
In the Western Christian churches in the year 325 the Council of Nicaea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox.  From that point forward, the Easter date depended on the ecclesiastical approximation of March 21 for the vernal equinox.  In simpler terms, we have to await the season change on March 20/21, then we wait for the first new moon after the season change, then Easter is on the first Sunday following that full moon.  

Where this differs in the Eastern Orthodox Church (Greek, Russian, etc) is that they use the same initial perimeters as above - the first Sunday following the first new moon following the equinox -  but they include the additional criteria of FOLLOWING PASSOVER.  The Orthodox Church, in my opinion, got this requirement correct.  Jesus went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover so to me it makes sense that Passover should play into the formula. 

This year Passover was earlier so that the two dates lined up. 


Friday, April 7, 2017


Hello friends.  I have BIG NEWS!!  Close To My Heart has announced a 24 Hour FLASH SALE beginning Friday, April 7 (today) at 5:00 pm EDT and ending on Saturday, April 8 (tomorrow) at 5:00 pm EDT.  

The sale will feature 30% discount on selected products and product bundles (I love product bundles!!).  

Set an alarm to remind yourself.  You do not want to miss the boat!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Lil Tree Hugger

Hello friends.  Happy Spring Break to my Aiken Peeps.  At Bitten By the Bug 2 this week we are celebrating Arbor Day.  Our Design Team sister Kelly chose this challenge. In honor of Arbor Day, later this month, we were to include a tree on this week's project. 

I knew exactly what photos to use when I saw our weekly challenge! I have had these two photographs of Avaleigh since last fall. I just love both photos and had been planning to scrapbook them.  This challenge helped to get me motivated to design the single scrapbook page above. 

I love that Avaleigh is watering a tree, as well as hugging a larger tree as she contemplates life.  The title of the layout, Lil Tree Hugger, came both from the photo and from the nickname for ecology minded individuals. Perfect for our sweet little helper. 

I used four Cricut cartridges on this layout:

The flowers were cut from Live Simply.  I did make some edits on the leaves on the bottom flower.

The watering can was cut from Walk in my Garden. I added words and dots to the can.

The tree was cut from C.M. Stork's Delivery.  I used the slice feature in Design Space to use only a portion of the tree.  I also welded a very narrow rectangle to the trunk to extend the length.

The fun leafy border in the middle of the page was cut from M.S. Birthday Cake Art.  There are a lot of cute borders on the cake cartridges!

The font I used is called Naira.  I had the Cricut write the words onto the cardstock by using the font and "attach" feature in Design Space.  I then used watercolor pens to color in the letters.  I especially like the way the letters look on the pink print layer.

Recently I made a discovery in Design Space, which made me feel - to borrow from Will Smith in IRobot - "like the dumbest dumb person ever."  I had NO idea that there was a tool in Design Space that identified the cut and cartridge of each image placed on the virtual mat!

I was checking the color of the watering can and on impulse I clicked the i at the tops of the color layer attributes menu.  Much to my surprise, a message popped down identifying not only the cut, but the cartridge!  I had been asking for this feature FOREVER.  I now wonder if it has been there all along and I was the "dumbest dumb person" who never before clicked on the i?  

Hoping that I am not the only person who had to search images all over again once their design was complete in order to identify the cartridges they used, I decided to share my find.  Below is a close up of the drop down menu. Please no laughing and finger pointing from those who already knew this.  Sigh....

I completed my layout with white pen doodles and dots on the flowers and the tree.  I also added adorable sequins to two background areas.  And even though the layout is busy, I feel like the photos of Avaleigh are still the focus.


At CLOSE TO MY HEART this month have a fun Flock Together Stamp of the Month set.  I honestly cannot help but think of the Partridge Family when I look at the stamp set  -yes I just aged myself, but hey I AM a grandmother.

The Flock Together Stamp of the Month set retails for $17.95, but with a $50 Close To My Heart order, you can add the Stamp of the Month to your cart during check out for only $5.00

This stamp set is great for scrapbooking as well as card making.  I plan to pull it out again in December and do some adorable Partridge in a Pear Tree cards!  If you like that idea, remember the Flock Together stamp is available only for the month of April.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I do hope you plan to go by the Bitten By The Bug 2 blog today.  Our team came up with so many cute variations of the Arbor Day theme.  They are sure to inspire you to create your own Tree themed project!