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Monday, February 13, 2017

Brunch and a Break from Life

Hello friends.  I do not have a Bitten By the Bug 2 post to share with you today, just a little life story.  As most of you know, we are the full time care providers for my mother, who has Alzheimer's.  My mother's memory fades more and more each week, and sometimes that can be a challenge.
This last week we had two particularly difficult days. I am not sure what causes the bad days, if indeed there is a cause.  I just know that some days mom is less cooperative, more stubborn, and/or less aware of reality, all of which create a perfect storm of difficulty.  

After the two difficult days, I decided that Doug and I needed a day away, without my mom, and without the constant awareness of where she is and what she is doing.   We decided to have an early, private, Valentine's date

Our oldest son and his precious wife came over to "Granny sit" for us on Sunday.  Doug and I went to the historic Willcox Inn and enjoyed their fabulous Sunday Brunch.  I had to laugh because I was completely finished with my food before I remembered to take a photo of my plate.  I had Eggs Benedict with shared side dishes of hash potatoes and bacon.  Doug had the Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Waffles, with Almonds, Mascarpone, Bananas, and syrup, with our shared side dishes.  I had the (spicy) Blood Marys and Doug had the Wheat Stout.

The piano player was live in the lobby.  We dinned on an antique backgammon game table sitting in comfy high backed chairs.  And we relaxed.  And talked.  And breathed.  It was an ideal getaway.  

My empty plate, ha.  Followed by an action shot of Doug finishing his brunch.

We ran into two dear friends at the Willcox, as well as a group of like minded people with whom to discuss politics.  And we just enjoyed our time alone. It was a perfect adult way to destress.   

The other stress reliever in our lives, our grandchildren, continue to delight us.  Avaleigh had her first Daddy-Daughter dance last week.  He father's school had a Daddy-Daughter dance, and Avaleigh went with John.  She was so cute, and so excited.  She had no idea what to expect, but that did not stop her from excitedly talking about it on Friday before the dance!!

My sweet little grandson, Jude, is growing and learning so much.  He is now six months old.  Jude is very affectionate and has the most charming smile. He is trying to crawl, but is currently on scooting around.  In this photo he is wearing his, "Heyyy me*" shirt.  Down below it says *Jude.  Yes, a Beatles reference.

Even though I took a day off and did not join the weekly Bitten By the Bug 2 Cricut challenge, I hope that you will go by the BBTB2 blog and view the design team's projects.  I know they would love to have you join in this week's Red and White challenge.

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  1. The loving challenges you face each day with your Mother is something endured through love. We see you, we give you hugs of support and we applaud that you and Doug were able to have this special time together. My Uncle took care of my grandmother till her late 80s, and the days held heartbreak watching a vibrant lady fade slowly into her own world. God Bless You, Susan.

    1. Thank you, Carole. The affirmation you give truly is appreciated. Bless your Uncle. Being an Alzheimer's care provider is not for wimps. Hugs to you my friend.

  2. So glad that you and Doug got some alone time. Sounds like you had some good food, too. I can only imagine the challenges that you are facing and may God give you strength to deal with your Mom"s health issues.

  3. I'm so glad you and Doug got to take some time to nurture yourselves. My heart aches for you, knowing how painful and difficult it must be to watch your mother slipping away, bit by bit. You are doing an amazing thing, caring for her and I cannot imagine how difficult it is on the rough days. Or I should say, I know how hard it is in the hospital caring for this patient population as a nurse, but the every day challenges are so much greater and more distressing. Jude and Avaleigh are so cute and adorable in the photos and I'm glad you have the freshness of new young life to counterbalance the sadness of watching your mom dwindle. Sending you hugs, friend.