Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prepping for a SWARM!!

I have spent the evening preparing surprise party favors for my friend Beth's crop (swarm). I thought since we are all so cricut addicted that we should have matching cricut head logos for our vehicles. I enlarged Okie's big cricut head just a bit, and cut eight of them. I will need to double check with Beth in the morning regarding her exact numbers.

I found the lime and the white Wall Pops vinyl at Lowe's this afternoon. I was actually quite impressed with the selection of wall pops in stock, and I made a note to self: go back for more colors later!!

The photos below show six of the eight cricuts, as well as my van sporting a new cricut head!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pretty N Pink

I have been working on a layout with nail polish mesh for the last three days. I have tweaked and tweaked the layout of the swirly spills, and also the shadow portions, and still I am not 100% happy.

Yesterday I did a first full cut and assembly of the entire file.... and hated it! It was really awful. The colors were horrid and did not seem to "mesh" & flow like I wanted. I ended up tossing the entire project. Thankfully today's cuts went far better. Though there are still edits to be make in the cut file so it will not be posted until I finish reworking.

But here is the preview of Pretty N Pink:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Real Princesses

I have been working on a card which was inspired by a challenge posted on the Bitten By the Bug blog. The challenge was to use the cowgirl hat from the Cricut's Paper Dolls cartridge. First let me say that I adore the Paper Dolls cartridge. It appeals not just to the artsy part of my brain, but also that perpetual child part of my brain.... I loved playing with paper dolls as a child, so this cartridge and its unlimited design features thrills me!

I call my card: "Real Princesses Wear Serious Crowns"... because we do. I actually could see this card becoming a wall hanging - different "hats" we all wear, with little crowns added to each. The chef hat, chauffer hat, maid hat, corporate exec. hat, the doctor/nurse, etc.

I hope you like my card.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Girly Rock!

Continuing my string of meshes, this week's mesh is a girly rock featured in this a double page spread. I created this layout for my dd, a college junior who is home for the summer. She is very happy with the end result (sans the photos).

This layout features primarily the Indie Art cartridge, stamping, heat embossing, lots and lots of chalking and inking, and of course BLING!

This is perfect for my wild woman!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still Organizing.... Cropper Hopper Style

I am still organizing my scrapping toys; I find that I am much more productive when everything has a place and I can find it easily. Todays targets were my stamps, inks, utee, and like. Last week I was buzzing around ebay - okay, I'll admit it, I was looking at cricut cartridges - when I branched out and began looking at scrapbooking organizers. I happened upon an auction for a Cropper Hopper Stamp Station and Ink It Station combination for an opening bid of $11.99. I quickly googled the products and discovered that yes, that was a really good price. Well, to make a long story short, I was the only bidder and won both for $11.99, plus shipping.

My new stamp and ink organizers arrived in today's mail, so I have been sorting and reorganizing. And I am SOOOO happy with the results. I used to keep ink in a 6x6 drawer and in a box with embossing items. Now everything is in one place and my world is good!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cartridge Storage Solution!!

After whining on the mb last night, as well as griping in my blog, I decided to go pro-active and find a solution for my cricut catridge storage issues. First I searched the Internet.... Looking for ideas and perhaps solutions other bloggers might have listed/pictured. Alas, that was a non-productive fourty-five minutes.

Next I approached my creative dh for solutions, and though he gave it a good try, he could not come up with anything that would be more organized, but save space.

So finally I went "shopping" in my guest room closet. There are lots of treasures in there! And several desk top of storage pieces that I outgrew through the years of scapping. And there it was, second shelf from the top, back in the right corner! A 7.5 x 7.5 & 8 mini drawer unit, with a flip up top section.

I made interlocking book board dividers for the flip top section. I made labels with cardstock and brads, and labeled each space for each individual cartridge (I even have room left to grow!). The three bottom drawers are perfect for the overlays and the books. This entire unit takes up the space of 4 cricut boxes on my desk, netting me more space as well as tighter organization.

This is why we never, ever toss out our scrapping scraps... even scrap storage scraps!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cards and boxes and bags... Oh My!

I have had such a fun day! I have been bonding with my expressions machine through trial and error (though not many!), trying new cuts, ideas, and patterns. I made several gift bags, boxes, and card styles (including Linda Davis' dress ups - which I LOVE).

It was odd, the most difficult part of transitioning from the cricut to the expression was the paper layout on the mat. I wanted to put the paper down 90 degrees off! Finally I realized I had to pay attention to the thick sides and thin sides of the green on the mat. Duhhh.

Also, I went cyber hunting for a bag that would hold the expression. I found several options on ebay, but also I found a hard side tool box at Home Depot which would hold the machine and cartridges, for about $20. I would even have room to add foam. Of course it is not nearly as fashionable as some of the cutesy bags on ebay.... I will have to decide: usefulness vs. stylishness. Oh the choices!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

At Long Last.... Cut Files

I have had a few requests for my cut files and after an hour or so of stuggling, I figured out how to link the cut files from mediafire to my blog.... And I didn't even ask my kids for a tutorial!!! I may be an old girl, but I guess I can learn new tricks!!!!!

Anyway, the first five cut files are here and I do plan to add additional cut files over the next week.

Thank you to those who have had such kind things to say...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shhhh! I finished my mesh challenge

I have completed my mesh for the mesh challenge. I call it "It's A Pirates Life For Me"! It is so darned adorable.... I cannot wait to use this mesh in a real layout!! Look for a photo very soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I did it! I did it!

I actually purchased a Cricut Expression machine!!!! I adore my cricut and fear that it's feelings may be hurt as it will surely feel intimidated by the new bigger bug on the block, but the opportunity was just too good to resist. Soooo - hopefully by the the end of the week my new Crickosaurus will arrive....

I just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vinyl Addict

I have been quite busy creating wall art using the cricut and provocraft vinyl. I have produced cuts for three distinctly different areas in my home; 1) the breakfast room, 2) the great room, and 3) my son's room.

For the breakfast area I chose whimsical using letters from Mini monograms to create a fun phrase. The doorway from my breakfast room into the formal dining room is about 4 feet wide. With my 9 foot ceilings I had plenty of room above the door molding to place 6 inch letters.

For the great room I chose a more elegant style, linking three Home Accent cuts together to create a visual transition between the built in shelves and the decorative wrought iron. The built-in shelves are above a gas fireplace, so the addition of the vinyl cut added to this focal area.

Lastly, I played with band logos. My younger son, 17, kept looking at the breakfast area cut and finally asked me if I try to make some vinyl cuts for him. He gave me a list of band logos/names and I was able to closely approximate five of them. He was thrilled!!! And he now thinks my cricut rocks!!!