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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Struttin' It Like a Peacock

Hello everyone.  I have another LOAD 513 layout to share with you today.  The prompt for this day was Mrs. Peacock.  It was suggested that we could use literal Peacocks, use the color peacock, use feathers, etc.  I started thinking about Peacocks and I came up with the idea of a peacock strutting and showing off his feathers.... And that thought took me to our family peacock - Mr. Aaron!

All three of my children have very unique, fun personalities.  Aaron is very outgoing and charismatic, Bethany is a social butterfly, and Ian is more introverted, but very caring and funny.  When thinking in terms of Peacocks, Aaron's sense of "acting like himself" presents many opportunities to strut his feathers.

I looked through my photos and grabbed a few current photos of Aaron to use on this layout.  I could have gone back in time and found photos of his crazy actions that would have been vastly amusing and come closer to making my point of him being the Peacock, but those photos have already been scrapped.

Creating this Peacock layout made me realize that I need to do two more layouts - one each for Bethany and Ian, describing their personalities and uniqueness.   In fact, I should probably do more layouts about our family as individuals and less events.  Gives me something to think about.... One more good lesson learned though the LOAD class.

Thanks for stopping by today.  


  1. Fabulous LO and great take on the prompt! I am doing LOAD513, too and having so much fun with it!

  2. Wow, this is a fabulous layout Susan! I love the fun papers you used and I love the pics of your son, he looks like he is always a lot of fun!! I think that it is a great idea to do layout of your children's personalities!! Very cool! Hugs!