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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Early Delivery Surprise

We had a pleasant surprise at our  home yesterday - our new pieces of furniture delivered early!  We purchased a new leather sectional and a new occasional chair.  I am posting photos for MARY and anyone else who may care!!!  Note: Duncan was not cooperating during the photo session.  And yes, we are Easter-ized at the moment - lots of antique linens and Easter porcelain. 

Additional note - the baker's rack will be replace with a cherry buffet as soon as the buffet is delivered.  I will be adding a large clock between the buffet and the plate rack.

I love the chair (not so much the amplifier cord sneaking out from under the chair).  The real life colors are rich and it is so comfortable.

I decided to show you the whole room.  This is, of course, the entertainment center.  The crazy painted cabinet on the left is from Michael's and I painted it.  It hold CDs.  The crazy mini-UK-phone booth on the right housed DVD (as do the shelves in the bottom of the cabinet). 

The fireplace and an antique rocker with hand-knit throw..... Very warm on winter nights.   Note the Cricut vinyl over the shelves - and YES, I needed an eight foot ladder to install the vinyl!

And basically this is the room view from the dining room.  Very warm comfy, while somewhat neutral.  And though the Fender guitar area is a bit messy looking, it is my concession to Doug's hobby.


  1. Your room is just beautiful! Looks very comfy as a living room should. Enjoy your new furniture!

  2. Susan it's beautiful! Enjoy!
    I absolutely love your built in shelves too.

  3. Hi Susan...
    Sorry I havent been by your blog in a while...I am SO BEHIND =( You have a BEAUTIFUL home...very warm and inviting!!!

    We bought our first house 2 years ago and painted and added special little touches, but havent really done much else...we have two young I think I just might wait til they are older before I invest in decor...I LOVE my boys but they are energetic and clumsy =)

    Hope you are doing well!!!

  4. OOOh fun! redecorating! Looks gorgeous! xxD

  5. Love your new sectional--looks very cozy and inviting. You should come to my house in Oregon--our styles are similar and I guess that's why I think yours looks so homey. I even have a similar teapot on my side table. :)