Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring is in the Air

Hello everyone!  Today I have a such a fun card to share with you!  I found this card at SVGcuts.com, in the Edisto Beach set.  I just love this side step fold card with all of its dimension and detail, just one of five cards available in the Edisto Beach set.

The genius of this card is the detail and decrease in perspective as the eyes move back through the step layers.  With the large beach house in back and the bird and flowers "up close" in the front, to me this cut file offers the opportunity to create a 3D work of art!

I used a combination of Close To My Heart card stock and scraps to cut this card.  I added subtle hits of edge color on some of the cuts and I used peel off gem dots as flower centers and the bird's eye.

I left space on the long narrow tag to stamp a sentiment or to add a vellum overlay depending on the occasion for which the card is intended.  

Since I had crafted this card on my last trip to the lake, I spent much of the afternoon in my scrap room sorting and organizing.  Truly I could spend two more full afternoons doing nothing but sorting paper and putting completed pages in albums, but those tasks are for another day.  Today it was all about getting ready for LOAD513!

I am participating in LayOut A Day 513 - May 2013.  I am actually excited about LOAD513; I am hoping to be inspired to think of scrapping differently.  We will see.  LOAD513 starts tomorrow, May 1st, so I was busy organizing photos of various events, trips, parties, and holidays that need scrapping. The theme of this month's LOAD is "Get a Clue" and the daily prompts will be based on the Clue board game.  

I also organized all of my CTMH stamps into CTMH stamp storage containers (My Acrylix Organizer).  I do like to use stamping on my layouts and I thought I might have better success finding the stamps I wanted to use if I sorted and organized them. I love the CTMH stamp organizers as they hold at least 15 stamp sets each ... And apparently I need one or two more as two of my categories are almost to the point of needing two cases.

One other exciting thing that is happening in my life today - I will be registering for my Creating Keepsakes Convention classes!  I have selected 6 classes to take - but I will be giving the list one last look before finalizing my registration this afternoon.  The convention is in Charlotte, NC in August, but some of the classes fill up very quickly so I always register on day one!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with another card to share and then maybe later in the week I might considering sharing some of my LOAD513 layouts.

If you are interested in LOAD513 you can learn more HERE.

If you are interested in Close To My Heart Stamps, organizers and other products, CLICK HERE!!!.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake with BBTB2

Hello everyone, happy Monday!   Are you ready for a spring/summer wedding season?  At Bitten by the Bug 2 our delightful and talented Julie has asked the Design Team to use any Cricut cartridge and create a wedding or anniversary project.  We would like to help you prepare your card stash for the coming weeks of wedding season by asking you to join us in this challenge.

I decided to go with a gate fold card - thank you MFP (my friend Peggy) for the inspiration - in white, pink and gray.  I started with a 10"x 6" piece of metallic gray card stock. I scored the card stock 2.5 inches from each edge, creating a 5"x 6" card. 


Using Cricut Craft Room Shapes and CLOSE TO MY HEART The Happy Couple stamp set, I cute rectangles in print, gray, pink and white card stock.  

After assembling the card layer, I used The Happy Couple stamp set to stamp the cake layers and the pink bow (I actually made two cards and once so everything above was actually done twice).

I added the cake layers to the front of the first card.  On the second card I used a Copic marker and colored the cake layers pink before adding them to the card front.  I honestly cannot decide which version I like best... Though I did find out that one of the cards should have been done with purple accents for the wedding my daughter is in later this month.  Oh well, another scrapping opportunity for another day!!

Thank you for stopping by today.  Remember at Bitten by the Bug 2 we love it when you join us in the weekly challenge.  All you have to do is make a new wedding or anniversary project, post it to your blog and then link it under the original Wedding Challenge post at BBTB2.  Be sure to check the sidebar at BBTB2 for all of the challenge rules while you are checking out the DT's projects!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

You're Aces "Man Card"

Hello everyone, welcome to Friday!!!  Friday is such a nice word because it will be followed by Saturday and Sunday... and YOU KNOW how much we all like those two days!!!

I started this week with the Bitten by the Bug 2 Man Up! box, bag, or container for a man challenge so I think it fitting that my final post of this week is a man card!

I used the Silhouette Cameo and the Green Room cut file from SVGcuts.com.  Remember some weeks ago when I posted a bowling card for my son, Aaron (this post)?  It was also from this same set of cut files.  Green Room includes all of the SVG files needed to make five cards and three detailed contains - all "guy" themed - for $6.99.

I used a blue print cardstock by Little Yellow Bicycle to cut the base card.  I added a gray and white layer as a shadow to my playing cards.  Finally I cut the playing cards in white.  I added the card suits and "A's" and finished the playing cards with lots of doodle dots.

The chip on the front of the card came with a small stack of chips that I truly did not like.  I cut the sentiment shapes and added those to the front of my card.  I left the sentiment block empty for the moment and will add the sentiment when I give this card away.  If you look at the top photo you can see one possible sentiment (I photo shopped in a sentiment to give you an idea of how a sentiment would look).

The inside of the card did not have an insert piece.  Because my base card was cut in a navy print, I designed my own white insert piece.

I took the gray shadow cut from the front of the card and welded a rectangle to the bottom so that my insert fit the inside of the perfectly.  Now I can stamp or write a message inside the card without using white ink.

Thank you for stopping by today and checking out my winning Man card!!!  I will be back on Monday with a new BBTB2 post!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Card for Toby - Months Early

Hi everyone.  Today I have a sweet card to share with you. My friend Toby (MFT?) love butterflies.... I mean she REALLY loves butterflies.  Toby owns a zillion butterfly embossing folders, stamps, etc.... Well, maybe not a zillion, but truly a lot of butterfly paper crafting items!  And when I spied this great Butterfly Card in the Silhouette American store, I KNEW this would be a perfect birthday card for Toby... Never mind that Toby's birthday is not until this fall....

The photo in the Silhouette store shows this card finished in magenta and brown... Um, not my favorite color combination...  I chose a much more girly color palette.  I cut the base card in smooth white cardstock.  The top layers were cut in dark pink (which looks red in the photos, but is actually dark pink) a chevron print pink and white print and teal solid cardstock.  I used various pinks and yellow scraps to cut the flowers for the card top.

I used a foam mat and stylus to shape the flowers before adhering them to the the butterfly.  I finished the flowers by using round peel offs as the flower centers.

I added tiny peel offs to the butterfly wings as high lights.  The two white doodles for eyes finished off Toby's birthday card... MONTHS and months early!!!

Thanks for stopping by today and viewing my friend Toby's future birthday card.  I will be back tomorrow with a new project to share!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Event Wednesday - Speakeasy Party

It all started several weeks ago with the invitations above....  

Hello everyone and welcome to my final Event Wednesday post!  For those who might be new, during the months of March and April I have had a series of posts each Wednesday highlighting two spring parties I held.  The first was an Palm Sunday Tea Party with girlfriends and the second was a Roaring (19)20's Speakeasy Party with some of our couples friends.  The invitations above went out about a month ago and since then I have spent a day or two each week preparing for the party.

Our Speakeasy Party started at 6:00 pm last Saturday evening, but really did not get going until around 6:30.  We had jazz music, casual food, and a relaxed atmosphere in hopes of hosting a fun and stress free evening!  We scaled back on last year's Titanic Centennial Celebration in some ways, and in other ways we incorporated lessons learned from previous parties and had included more details. 

This year every single guest came in costume!!  And boy did they dress to impress!!  I was amazed at the effort and creativity of our guests.  Above Christina, Gordy, and Peggy are ready to get things started!  Below, our adorable immediate next door neighbors (each side), Jim & Charlotte and Tom & Penny, dressed to do Lindy Hop!  We are blessed with just the most fabulous neighbors and these two couples are wonderful.  They can turn a card game into an event with their lovely personalities!

Below:  Kim and Wendell came ready to do the Charleston - Wendell  like Jim, pulled out his Tux for a true 1920's fete while Kim wore a lovely fringe trimmed dress, long pearls and a classic 1920's cloche hat.

My sweet daughter, Bethany and her adorable beau, John looked fabulous.  Bethany's dress was amazing and she looked stunning -  and John looked so dapper!  Bethany's dress came from a company called Uniquely Vintage.  They have amazing clothing for vintage 20th century styles.  Both Bethany and John were a huge help in setting up outside and assisting with finishing details inside.

And here were are, the event hosts.  I went with a matronly 1920's look (as the over 50 crowd would have back in the day) and Doug was sporting the Great Gatsby whites and pastels.  I laughed at his shoes but of course I had on Anne Kline shoes, so my feet did NOT match my vintage look.

Because we were a Gin Joint Speakeasy (sans the Gin, by the way), I went with relaxed game themed table tops.  I used white table clothes and white cut work napkins and huge playing cards as place mats.  The cards worked fabulously and added color to each place setting.

I went with the easiest centerpieces ever - a face down huge playing card, hurricanes with candles, and roulette chips.  I had intended to add dominoes, but I confess that I forgot about them until Saturday afternoon.  At that point I decided I needed to relax in a tub more than I needed to run out and purchase dominoes!

I am truly annoyed with myself for forgetting to photograph the buffet tables.  My next door neighbor shared a few photos with me and I found the "edge" of the food tables in her photo below.  I cropped and tried to give you so idea of our food set up.  There were three food and drink stations:  A whiskey sour punch station and beer tub station, a sliders station (as we were sliding through time I thought sliders would be a great casual entree), and an "everything else" table.  After dinner the buffet "everything else" table was "flipped" and it became the dessert table.

Our menu included:
Vegetarian Sliders - a huge hit
BBQ Chicken Sliders
Ground Sirloin Sliders
Smoked pork loin and rolls 
Shrimp Etouffee and rice
Hash brown Casserole
Chickpea fruit and veggie salad
Hot corn dip and tortilla chips
Veggies and dip

For dessert I made three different trifles and served them in mini glassware.  The first was my favorite Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle.  The second was a mini Brownie Trifle with Kahlua laced brownie, homemade chocolate pudding and whipped cream.  The last was a new trifle I decided to try - Tropical Cheesecake Trifle. This was similar to the Cheesecake Trifle except it included coconut milk and fresh pineapple. 

I wanted to include a "photo booth" set up this year but I could not figure out a way to do this without major construction.  I wanted a large photo frame suspended to stage photos - I guess that gives me something to work on for next year.  However I did make photo booth props for this party.  I had a jar of mustaches, head bands, hats, crown, hat, lips, and glasses for the guests to use.

Below my adorable friends Marcie and Garl are adorned with new facial hair.  

Below Bethany attempts to look gentlemanly in her lovely outfit!

John and Bethany playing with the props  - oddly I think he looks cute in those round glasses.  However, I do not want to see Bethany with a mustache!

Tom and Penny chose a mustache and heart glasses.  Penny is so much fun and Tom is so sweet - a perfect couple, perfectly adorned.

I love this photo of Wendell and Kim.  I honestly think Wendell needs to invest in a pair of round glasses!!  Very vintage looking!

Not to be outdone by Kim and Wendell, Christina and Gordy were hysterical with their props!  Gordy has a wonderful quick wit and a hysterical sense of humor and kept us laughing all through dinner.

I am including the photo below just because I love my friend Marcie so much.  Marcie is one of the most entertaining people I know.  She is also so kind hearted!

After dinner and dessert outside, Doug lit a fire in the fire pit, but even that did not help fight off the chill of our unseasonably cold night.  I passed out shawls and pashmina wraps to some of the ladies in order to keep them warm through dessert.  After dinner, however, we gave it up and moved inside to continue the evening. One funny moment was when someone realized that we had left the punch outside.  There was quick dash out to bring the punch inside with the guests!

We set up a Roulette table in our dinning room, because truly what kind of Speakeasy would we be if we did not have gambling and booze?  The roulette game went on for quite sometime with various people participating.  All in all, I think the Roulette game was a big hit!!

Above Christina, Gordy, and Garl place their bets... Their free-chips-without-value bets!  Below Bethany and Christina are happy because they are winning!!

My next door neighbor snapped a photo of me setting out the party favors.  It was early in the evening, but I wanted to be ready for when the guests departed later.

This party truly was a lot of fun.  We only had 15 guests as two couples could not make it and one spouse got a last minute job with his band.  But numbers truly did not matter.  What did matter was that we enjoyed out guests and the guests seemed to really enjoy the party.  In fact the post dinner conversation at my dinner table was what type of party we should have next year.  My neighbor told me today that her husband discussed that same thing with her yesterday.  Apparently they are excited for next years Themed Party!!!  

Thank you for following along with my Event Wednesday posts. They were fun for me share with you!  I will be back tomorrow with another new project to share.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Missed You Beary Much

Hello everyone.  Two weeks ago our local school district was out on Spring Break.  While the students and teachers were off relaxing I decided to craft a "welcome back" project for my daughter Bethany's second grader class.  I was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest where someone had recycled used Keurig cups, adding new tops and filling them with Halloween treats.  I thought I could change the Halloween theme to something more fitting returning from a school break.

I saved Keurig cups for a couple of weeks, emptying them out then washing them in very hot water.  I measured the diameter of the K-cup top and using my Silhouette Cameo I created a print and cut tag for the K-cup tops.  I layered the scalloped circle with a brown circle, inset with a cream circle.  To the middle circle I added the phrase "I missed you Beary much."  

I found a cute Teddy bear cut in the Silhouette America store.  I sized and cut the four layers for the Bear's head only - cutting 21 of each piece.  After assembling my 21 bear heads I set them aside and filled 21 K-cups with gummy bears.  I glued the new K-cup tops to the cups and packed them to go to school with Bethany.

Bethany gave her students this Beary cute little treat on their first day back from Spring break.  Offering them a reward at the end of the day was a nice incentive for the kids to stay focused throughout the day.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my Beary sweet project.  I will be back tomorrow with the final installment in my Event Wednesday series.  The 1920's Speakeasy party was last Saturday night and we had a fabulous time!! Drop by tomorrow for the details!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Man Up! BBTB2 Man Box Challenge

Hello everyone, happy Bitten by the Bug 2 Monday.  Today's BBTB2 Cricut Challenge theme was selected by my fabulous Design Team sister, Jayne.  I have to say that I LOVE this challenge because it is such a fun idea.  Jayne challenged the team to MAN UP! Create any bag, box or container with a "man theme"... NO cards or layouts allowed this week!!

I used the man tool box on the Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge to make my Man Up! project.  I made two design changes to the basic box - the handle and a more decorative lock.  I thought the "man paper" (called A Perfect Gentleman) from Graphic 45 was perfect for this man project.  Fortunately I had a few sheets of this wonderful cardstock tucked away in my Graphic 45 stash!

I used the graphic print cardstock to craft the bottom of the box and the wonderful vintage image men for the  box lid.  I cut one sheet of the cardstock, which had detailed strips, along the stripe lines and used this as the "leather" trim on my man box.  I added eyelets to the leather strips to serve as rivets.

I used the Art Philosophy cartridge to cut the lock for the front of my man box.  I measured the lock from the original box cut on the Sweet Tooth Box cartridge and sized my Art Philosophy lock to fit the box.  I used gold metallic cardstock to cut the lock and brackets for the leather handle on the top of the box.

I have placed my man box on the bookshelves in Doug's office and it blended into the decor so well that I had to point it out to him. Well, that is what I prefer to think - it could be that he IS a man and just didn't notice!!

Jayne came up with a really great challenge for the BBTB2 Design Team this week and we would love it if you joined us in the Man Up! challenge.  You will need to create a NEW bag, box or other container with a man theme by next Sunday.  Link your project to the Man UP challenge at the Bitten by the Bug 2 blog and link back to us on your blog.  Remember to tell us which Cricut cartridges you used.  One entry will win the BBTB2 Project of the Week button for their blog.  I hope you choose to play along this week!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I have a week of new projects all planned for you so be sure to drop back by each day this week!