Happy Easter to My Peeps

I have a confession to make - I am actually not a fan of the Easter candy known as Peeps.  My husband and sons think that Peeps are yummy, but I like them for the decorative nature.  Last year I used chocolate fondue and welded Peeps the edge of the salad plates for Easter dinner (the photo above).  This year I have done nothing that creative.  But that is okay because when deciding what to post on my blog for today I found a site that combined my favorite TV show with Peeps!   I give you DOWNTON ABBEY PEEPS!

The traditional Downton Cover shot!

Above stairs and behind the green door!

May you all have a happy and safe Easter!!! 
Remember to eat the chocolate first because the peeps will last for at least a year!!!

Visit to the Stars

Hello everyone.  I have become very fond of what I refer to as "hybrid cards", and this is another example of one of my hybrid cards.  The reason I call this a hybrid card is because I used both the Cricut and the Silhouette to create the finished product.  This card could easily have been made with the Cricut only, but since the Silhouette store had the pre-designed cut file for this great shaped card I saved myself time and used the pre-designed file.

This card used the same Close To My Heat stamp set that I used on Monday's BBTB2 Out of This World planet card, Outta This World.  I really like this fun stamp set and I thought this card might offer you another view on how this stamp set could be used....  If I were scrapping for a little boy, this set would be darling on scrap pages.

I used a 6x6 pack of cardstock to cover the basic red card and to create the double layer mats on the front of the card.  Just like before, I stamped the two space ships on white cardstock. 

I wanted to add a bit of detail to the side step panels without taking away from the scene on the front so I borrowed these great red and red & white fibers.  I used a small hole punch to add six holes to each side panel.  I then threaded the fibers though the holes and tied the ends into square knots. 

I finished the card by added gold stars and the Outta This World tag to the front of the card.  Since the first card is for my nephew's birthday, this one my have to go to another cute little boy we know who will be celebrating a birthday very soon!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I am have been a bit of a slacker and do not have anything planned for the blog for tomorrow.  Hopefully I will get myself together today and and create a new project to share with you on Friday.

Event Wednesday - Tea Party Recap

Hello everyone.  Today is Event Wednesday and that means it is time for me to share the details of my tea party with you.  For those who have not been following along, I am doing a series of posts on Wednesday in March and April highlighting preparations of two spring event I will be hosting.  The first event was a Palm Sunday Tea Party with some of my girlfriends.

I thought it might be fun to have some of my girlfriends over to just sit and chat.  We often get together to scrap, but we rarely get together just to sit and chat. 

The so-called Spring weather cooperated wonderfully for my tea party; it was raining and in the 40s.  Everyone was ready for a nice cup of tea to warm them up.

I used my dining table as a "self-service" tea area.  I made two large pots of hot tea - Earl Grey and Darjeeling (my favorite).  I also made a pitcher of southern sweet tea for those who might want iced tea.  I actually had three iced tea drinkers, myself included.  Everyone else consumed hot tea - again, myself included.  Yes, I had both cold and hot tea!!

In the living room I used my coffee table to serve the tea snacks.  I had china plates, embroidered napkins (thanks to Carole Beath), and forks laid out around the edge of the table. In the middle of the table I  had four severing dishes:  a three tier tea party server with three different types of tea sandwiches - Traditional Southern Chicken Salad, Egg Salad with Capers, and Pineapple Pecan spread sandwiches;  a small pedestal server with mini custard tarts topped with fresh strawberries; a low tray with lemon bars; and a raised plate of iced cookies.  I had originally planned to make scones, but decided to make custard tarts instead.

I used an end table and a small folding table to allow those not on the sofa to have a place to sit their tea and plates.  In the photo above my friend Susan is looking sweet in my antique rocker.  To the left of Susan you can see the tea pot banner I made for the mantel.  You can also see the tea pot I crafted with my Cameo.  After the fabulous birthday flowers from my husband I decided to use the tea pot as a table decoration and to use my birthday flowers as a center piece.

Above you see MFK - my friend Kathy and MFB - my friend Beth along with the sweet Susan M.  We had a lot of lively conversation covering topics from children, lent, different Christian Lenten practices, to embossing/die cut machine comparisons.   We compared sizes and benefits of various tools.

In the photo below you see MFP - my friend Pat and MFS - my friend Suzanne deep in conversation. 

The MF? title started when I referred to my friend Kathy so frequently on my blog that I nicknamed her MFK.  Beth then called me one day and identified herself on the phone as MFB - my friend Beth.  And then a whole army of MF?s were born... MFK, MFB, MFS, MSP, MSP2, MFT.... You get the idea.  I am blessed with friends and I am especially blessed that my friends are very amusing women and make me laugh!

Below Toby (left) and Peggy (right) posed for their photo. Smart women - they knew I would post the photo no matter how they looked so they made sure they both looked beautiful!

Back to food for a moment - I made cut out cookies for one of the sweet tea items.  I found a teapot cookie cutter and used pink icing.  I also cut out rounds and made sandwich cookies, filling the cookie layers with strawberry jam.  The cookies were a huge hit!

And speaking of posing, here I am posing with a Portuguese Easter teapot (the Darjeeling tea).  The color is off in this photo, but it was by far the better photo of me.  Beth insisted on photographing me as proof that I too attended.  I tried not to cry too loudly when she took the camera behind which I like to hide and turned the lens on me.

Remember that full tower of sandwiches at the top of the page?  Yes, we DID enjoy the food.   The poor tower is looking quite picked over. By the way, the decorative tower and the raised cookie platter were from a children's birthday party (tea party theme) retailer.  I decided not to use my three tiered Crystal server for fear of being too formal.

I truly enjoyed my Palm Sunday Tea Party and I would like to consider making this an annual event.  It truly was not as much work as it looked and I think everyone had a nice time.   They all left with a paper crafted teacup with three servings of tea inside.   I packaged the cups in cello bags tied with sheer ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by for my Tea Party write up.  I will be back with a new project to share tomorrow and not nearly as chatty of a post!

Side Step Easter Card

Hello everyone.  Today we are going to take a peek at a certain daughter's Easter card.... Bethany just stop reading and looking right now.  And ignore today's post when it shows up on your facebook feed!  :)

Today's card is like that special breed of dog that my mom used to call a Heinz 57 - to most of us that means a mixed breed mutt.  Well this card sort of has that mixed breed thing going on.  The stamped image was shared with me by my friend Susan M.  Susan used this big eyed girl on her granddaughter's darling Easter card and I just had to have a copy of her too!  I colored the image with Copic markers and then build a card around that image.... seriously.

Two weeks ago the Silhouette America store had four new cards (amidst many other cuts) to purchase and download.  One of those cards was this side step card.  It included the basic card and the cut for the back of the step sections and the "L" shaped cut for the front of the card.  I decided my Easter girl would look cute on a the step card.

I decided that the big eyed girl would look cute on a shaped tag.  And when a shaped tag would look good, well you know two layers would look even better, right?   So yes, I added the printed pink layer.

Since my big eyed girl is carrying her Easter basket, clearly she is either at an Easter egg hunt or she is looking for the Easter bunny.  And who is hidden amid the side step layers?  Yes!  The Easter bunny.  Complete with pink facial features, tummy, and ear inserts, it is a very adorable Easter bunny.  The bunny was part of a cut where the bunny is holder a banner.  I ditched the banner and just used the bunny portion of the cut.

But even adding the bunny was not enough... So I added a fence to define the yard in which big eyed girl might find the Easter bunny or Easter eggs.... A fence from yet another Silhouette card cut file!  And because the year required a defined back border, I added a little grove of trees!  And yes, the trees were from yet another Silhouette card set. 

So now you understand why I think Bethany's Easter card is a bit of a mixed breed mutt of paper crafting.  I used elements from several, and I do mean several, Silhouette cut files.    I like pulling elements from many sources and combining them well.  Let's hope that Bethany things I combined the parts well on this card!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with an Event Wednesday post where I will tell you all about my Palm Sunday Girlfriend Tea Party.  I hope you will be back for that post.  

You Are Out Of This World

Hello everyone, happy Monday.  I hope your week is off to a good start.  I had a wonderful weekend and look forward to a pleasant week.  Adding to my pleasant week is my Bitten by the Bug 2 Design Team sister, Brenda, who chose this week's Cricut challenge cut.  Brenda has asked the DT to use any card cut feature on any Cricut cartridge this week.  I decided to create a birthday card from my nephew Carter.  Carter will be five in May and I thought he might enjoy this "out of this world" space birthday card!

I used the planet card cut on Close To My Heart's Cricut Artiste cartridge.  I cut the base card and then I cut the planet twice - once in gray dots and once on denim blue.  Working carefully, I hand cut the ice ring section from the planet.  I then placed the gray ice ring over the denim planet.  I added light blue stickles to the gray ice ring hoping to highlight the icy nature of the ring.

I embellished my icy planet with two space ships - new friends circling the planet waiting to meet.  The spaceships were cut with the Artiste cartridge and stamped with Close To My Heart's "Outta This World" stamp set (C1523, $13.95).  Like all other CTMH stamp sets which coordinate with a CTMH Cricut cartridge, the size to cut the coordinating Cricut cut to match the stamp is listed on the stamp packaging.   I cut the Martian space ship and the rocket space ship.

I stamped the two Cricut cuts with their coordinating stamps in Ruby Red CTMH Ink.  I used Copic markers to add colored highlights to the spaceships.  I also added Elizabeth Craft small peel offs to embellish the spaceships.  My friend Susan M. introduced me to Elizabeth Craft's dot embellishment sheets and I just HAD to have my own!!

I finished my card by add the "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER" sentiment to the front of the card.  I also added some white doodle dots to the planet.  Inside the card I stamped a Happy Birthday sentiment for Carter.

Thanks for stopping by today.  For information on the CTMH products used in today's card read below.  Please remember that at Bitten by the Bug 2 we so enjoy it when you join us in the weekly challenge.  Please create your own NEW card feature cut card and share with us at BBTB2.  For more information please see the sidebar at the BBTB2 blog.


Not Used on today's project, but also a wonderful stamp set is the March Stamp of the Month Set -   FLORAL HAPPINESS Available March 1-31, 2013 -  Get the Stamp of the Month set for just $5 (S1303A) when you place an order of $50 or more.

Birthday Blessings

Hello everyone.  I had planned to share an Easter card with you today, but I had such a lovely birthday yesterday that I thought I would tell you about my day instead.

I was greeted with this amazing floral arrangement when I walked into the living room this morning!  Doug went to our favorite florist and had them put together the arrangement for him.  I promise you that the photos do not do justice to the flowers.  When I saw them I actually gasped.  My poor photography is not gasp worthy!!

My friends Kathy and Susan had me over to Susan's house for a lovely, lovely luncheon. Susan set a lovely table with white, pink and gold china, lace tablecloth, fabric napkins, fresh camellias, etc.  Susan prepared a ham and cheese quiche, spinach salad, and rolls. The food was delicious! Not to be out done, because she wasn't (!), Kathy made a fabulous strawberry trifle!!  Most importantly, I had a wonderful time with Susan and Kathy. I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again, I have the most wonderful friends!!

In the afternoon Doug and I went out to visit a new store that opened in Aiken - Fresh Market.  It is a grocery-type store with wonderful produce and fresh meats.  The store carries a nice selection of coffees and organic shelf items.  They have rotisserie cooked meats and great prepared foods.  And their bakery is to die for!!!  While there I decided that instead of going out to dinner as we had planned I wanted to pick up dinner and take it home.

After much debate I decided on sesame garlic split chicken breasts, freshly made twice baked potatoes, and spinach salad.  The Fresh Market tossed in some fabulous yeast rolls and I added a loaf of Olive bread.  Along with the rest of Kathy's strawberry trifle, this made for a fabulous birthday dinner.

And because it was my birthday, I dug through my dishes and decided that we should dine on my pink Portuguese Bordallo Pinheiro dinnerware.  I added silver, French glassware, and toile napkins in shades of pink. Doug and I invited Bethany's beau, John, to join us for dinner. All four of us truly enjoyed the dinner and dessert and I told John that he was going to have to suck-it-up on the "girly" table as it was my choice for my birthday.  He agreed that this dinner should be all about me.  Smart man!!!

I finished the evening sharing Bethany's life in scrapbooks with John - who actually asked to see them.  Bethany was a bit embarrassed but John had the sweetest smile the entire time he was looking at her scrapbooks.  Have I mentioned that Doug and I like John??

I had a truly wonderful birthday.  I enjoyed hearing from my children, extended family, and so many friends.  It was a lovely day.

Basket Full of Easter Wishes

Hello everyone.  Today I have a cute Easter basket card to share with you.  This is the project I shared with my stamp club last Saturday.  They seemed to really like it and I hoped that perhaps you would too.  I also am hoping that my mother will like this easel fold card Easter card as it is currently in an envelop addressed to my mom!

I used two Cricut cartridges to create this card - Doodlecharms and Art Philosophy.  Using Cricut Craft Room and CTMH Kraft cardstock I cut out the basic basket cut.  The baskets were embossed with the Chicken Wire embossing folder.  

I welded two baskets together, attached at their bottoms.  I added a rectangle to the top edge of one basket to use to adhere the double baskets to the front basket.  After cutting the welded baskets, I removed the basket handles, scored the center fold and tab fold and set the insert aside.

Using the Chantilly paper packet and the Art Philosophy cartridge, I cut two print eggs and two solid eggs as well as decorative egg frames. I used the Close To My Heart Easter Wishes stamp set to to stamp the solid eggs, the front sentiment - Easter Egg-citement - and the inside sentiment. I also stamped the Chickie for the front of the card.
After gluing the eggs to the "inside" of the basket, I applied glue to the top of folded tab and glued the double baskets to the back of the eggs and front basket.  When folded the basket layers line up nicely.

When opened the card folds out to reveal the message inside.  And ...  the strip at the bottom of the sentiment works wonderfully as a stop for the easel card!!

The card was finished with ribbon and the Chickie image added to the front of the card.  As I stated above, the CTMH stamp club ladies liked this card and I hope that you did too.

I used a number of CTMH products which makes sense as this was for CTMH stamp club.  The products included:

Come For Tea

(Click photo to enlarge)

It's Event Wednesday here at Busy with the Cricky.  Today I am sharing the cardstock tea pot I plan to use as part of the center piece at this Sunday's tea party.  Currently I have six or seven girlfriends planning to join me for tea on Sunday afternoon.  I have planned an assortment of appropriate tea foods as well as perfect beverages.  I am, however, putting the finishing touches on the decor and shopping list.

(Click photo to enlarge)

This tea pot is nothing short of fabulous!  The designers at SVGcuts need to pat themselves on the back for this one.  The tea pot is part of the same SVG set that I used to cut last Wednesday's teacups.  I am so impressed with how real both the teacups and the tea pot look.  Assembly of the tea pot was not difficult, and would have been even easier had I checked YouTube before I finished assembling!!  I used some of the same cardstock prints and colors on the tea pot that I had used on the tea cups so that they would all coordinate together. 

My plan is to remove the lid and place it beside the tea pot.  I will then place a small vase or glass inside the tea pot and fill the glass with water and fresh flowers.  This should make a striking center piece.

(Click photo to enlarge)

The tea pot has two layers - the colonial white base layer and the Graphic45 Garden floral layer.  I used Bazzill purple cardstock to cut the accent pieces.  The teapot was embellished with liquid pearls for accent.

(Click photo to enlarge)

The napkin in the first and fourth photo is one of those sent to me by my sweet friend Carole.  They are PERFECT for my tea and I am very excited to use them. 

I will be back tomorrow with another new project to share.  I managed to get quite a few things made over the last weekend while crafting with my friends.