Thank You Jessica - For the Blog Award

I received this cute award from Jessica.  But you know, there are ALWAYS strings with a blog award.  I have to answer a series of questions, and then post them here.  I also get to share this award with five other blog owners.

So here goes:

1. Where is your cell phone? In my purse..

2. Your hair? Used to be another color…

3. Your mother? Sylvia is learning to use her cricut.

4. Your father? No longer living.

5. Your favorite food? Chicken picatta with capers!!!! Mmmmmm

6. Your dream last night? Had my hubby and kids in it.

7. Your favorite drink? Iced tea & good wine.

8. Your dream/goal? A month in France….

9. What room are you in? Scrap Room.

10. Your hobby? Scrapbooking .

11. Your fear? Failure.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here!

13. Where were you last night? Having dinner with Doug.

14. Something that you aren't? Shrewish & mean.

15. Muffins? Vanilla Raspberry from New Moon!!

16. Wish list item? Scrap storage cabinets.

17. Where did you grow up? Southeast Michigan.

18. Last thing you did? Cleaned the kitchen.

19. What are you wearing? Sleep pants and a tee.

20. Your TV? Is off.

21. Your Pet? Duncan the sweet Pomeranian boy.

22. Friends? YES - Kathy, Peggy, Suzanne, Andrea, Pat, Beth, Sally (!), Ruth, Debbie, Toby, Mary, ….

23. Your life? Is really quite nice.

24. Your mood? Peaceful.

25. Missing Someone? Aaron, Bethany, & Ian.

27. Something your not wearing? Socks & shoes.

28. Your favorite store? Only one favorite – PLEAZZZE!

29. Your favorite color? Pink.

30. When was the last time you laughed? 1 hour ago.

31. Last time you cried? ?????? Can’t recall.

32. Your best friend? Oh no… not going to hurt feelings….

33. One place that I go to over and over? Hobby Lobby.

34. Facebook? Yep, but not as faithful as I could be.

35. Favorite place to eat? Paris???

And the five blogs with which I plan to share:


Voting Continues - And So Does The Waiting....

The voting in the Gypsy 24-Hour Challenge Contest continues for another day.  If you have not already voted, please click the link and consider voting for my Hello Kitty Fall Football Fun.  The Stickles have a bit of glare in the photos, but I am actually quite pleased with this layout.  We all know that I adore Hello Kitty and Kitty as a Tiger cheerleader... Well she is so fierce... Not!

I promise to get back to regular posting soon, but for now I am riding out the contest.....

The Gypsy 24-hour Design Challenge Project by Susan Edwards

The Gypsy 24-hour Design Challenge Project by Susan Edwards

Above is the link to my entry to the Gypsy 24-hour challenge.  There are four catagories in the contest, I chose the family catagory.  If you wouldn't mind, please go and vote BEFORE OCT 29.  This is from Provo Craft:   "Encourage your friends and family (And BLOG READERS) to join in the fun and vote for your project between October 26 and October 29. The project with the most votes wins a great trip to New York City, a $2,000 shopping spree at the new Michaels store in downtown Manhattan, and tickets to a Broadway show. Winners will be announced October 30."

So yes, I want to go to NYC!!  Please go vote for me!!!!

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New Projects with Cut Files and Directions

Have you been by Custom Crops this week?  I had five new articles post on Monday, four are Cricut Expression cut files with directions and the fifth is a new Gypsy project using vinyl.  The first layout, picuted above, is titled Visions of Sugarplums and would perfect for your Christmas Eve photographs.

The second project, Sweethearts Laundy Room Decor, features the Nighty and Boxers from Sweethearts on a cute little door hanger for your laundry room.

The cut file and instructions for the Monster slide box and card set, Monster Mash set, are also available.

The cut file, instructions, and pdf printable file are available for A Glass of Christmas Cheer card/invitation.

My Gypsy artilce features vinyl cuts for my kitchen tile back splash.  Complete instructions are available at Custom Crops. 

Just follow the blinkie on the left side of the blog to my profile page at Custom Crops and click the names of the articles/projects that interest you. 

Prize Tags for the Cowboy Chili Cookoff

Wednesday is the annual Cowboy (or should that be Cow-person??) Chili Cookoff in my office.  Each year three awards are presented:  Best Tasting Chili, Fire Chili, and Wimpiest Chili.  I was asked to make gift tags for the awards and this is what I came up with. 

The base tag was cut with Winter Woodlands.  All of the paper doll pieces were cut with the original Paper Doll Dress Up, except for the fire in the chili pot.  The fire came from Everyday Paper Dolls.  Have I gone on and on yet about how much I like the new Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge??  I really enjoying the various cuts and fun, fun projects that can be made with both paper doll cartridges.

I am making White Chicken Chili for the cookoff, complete with avacado and sour cream on the side.  And just to be honest, I am going for the wimpiest award.  I like my chicken chili, but I do not like it with anymore than a hint of spice.

I'll let you know if I come home with the stick horse award!!!

Pumpkin Patch Farms

I really like the challenge cut for this weeks Bitten by the Bug projects.  It is the sign on the Christmas Noel cartridge.  I have long admired the adorable sign, but had yet to design a project which included this particular element.  I was excited when Regina chose this cut and asked us to use brown and "go fall." 

I decided to go whimpsical in my approach, pretty much abonding reality! I cut my center tree in a polkadots and I used a smaller polkadot for the pumpkin on the farm sign and the left page matting.  I cut extra leaves to scatter about using three different papers, two solds and more polkadots! 

I used two different Bazzill cardstocks for the pumpkins, the highlighting a few of the pumpkins with a bling cardstock.

I finished th project off with ribbons and white ink.....  My daughter and her college roommates usually to pumpkin picking; I can't wait to see this year's photos on this cute layout!!

Autumn Apples

I think fall may be my favorite of the seasons. It follows those hot days of summer with cool breezes and a beautifully colorful display of leaves. It proceeds those bitter cold days of winter and trudging through the snow (can you tell I grew up in Michigan?). Ironically here in South Carolina we rarely have bitten cold days or snow through which to trudge. But… I think this love of fall goes back to growing up in Michigan and viewing fall as the in-between days. Fall days were filled with trips to the apple orchard where fresh cider was being made, fall festivals with clam chowders and pumpkins, apple pies and piles of colorful leaves.

In the spirit of my childhood days in Michigan I made this card, Autumn Apples. The card features a basket and apples from the Doodlecharms cartridge. You will only need two cartridges to make this card, Doodlecharms and Plantin Schoolbook. The cut file contains five pages, the first being a preview only and should not be cut.

The cut file can be found in the list of free downloadable cut files on the left side of the blog page, down a bit. Click on the name of the file and follow the link to Media Fire.  You can then download the cut file to your Cricut projects for future use.

Happy Autumn Apples!

Scrap Room - A Work In Progress

My scrap room, which has been shared on this blog previously, continues to change and flow (as opposed to grow!).  I find that as I continue to expand my scrapping/card making supplies and (hopefully) abilities, my room has changes with me.  It always seems cluttered to me, but I think that is my attempt to keep most of my supplies within sight.

My scrap room is actually our 4th and smallest bedroom.  My older son was a senior in college when we purchased this house so I knew chances were that he would never move home.  Initially I had a twin bed in the room.  But when my daughter moved into a house at college, she took all of her furniture with her.  I used that opportunity to put two twin beds in her former room as well as lay claim to all of the scrap room.

I purchased the Scrap-in-Style cube desk set and moved the cricut and the computer to the second desk.  Santa brought me the wall organizer that I use as a hutch on the cube desk.  Also, in top drawer under the cricut, I have my cartridges organized so that when I open the drawer I can see all of the carts immediately.

I found this white shelf unit on close-out at Target for $60 and grabbed it!  It is actually as tall as me, so I have to reach up for the items on top.  The good news is I do not use those items very often.  The top shelf is great for storing my Stampin' Up stamp sets.  The shelf-it containser hold loose stamps and ink that is used less often.  My nesties and Gypsy reside on the bottom shelf.

I know my space is not nearly as FAB as some that I have seen on line, but I really am happy with it - mess and all!!

New Projects and Cut Files

It's Monday and you know what that means: new projects complete with directions, photos, and cut files have posted at Custom Crops! I had three projects post today: Winter Wonderland layout, Sleigh Ride in the Woods card, and Postage Stamp layout. The Winter layout includes lessons on heat embossing.

I really like the new SEI Winter Song paper that I used for the Winter layout. I may need to order more of this before we are heavily into the holiday season (and it sells out - insert shreak here). The paper comes with flocked sheets, glittered sheets, and foiled sheets of paper - all of which are cardstock weight and some of them are double sided. Have I convinced you that you want this paper?? It really is very nice.

Both the winter layout and the sleigh ride card were created using the Winter Woodlands cartridge. The postage stamp layout was created entirely with an old favorite: Base Camp. Also, the postage stamp layout article might be worth reading - it offers specific examples of when a postage stamp layout is beneficial in your scrapping. I have used this type of layout a couple of times, though my favorite is the band layout I discuss in the article.

I know I probably do not need to write this, but to get to mylist of articles you just need to click on the Custom Crops blinky on the left side of my blog. Please do leave a comment at Custom Crops if you like the projects - - We LOVE feedback!!!!

Monster Mash Monday Madness

Happy Monday bloggers - it's time for this week's Bitten by the Bug project. The cut this week is the CUTE, cute, CUTE little monster on Paper Doll Dress Up. This should get everyone in a Halloweeny - sort of mood!

I made a two piece gift set using Paper Doll Dress Up (of course); Tags, Bags, Boxes & More; and George. The bottom section of the box was cut using TBBM. The wrap (or jacket) was made using George. The gift box has an acetate window with a spiderweb topper. Inside the box you will find eight of the new bigger fun size candy bars loosely resting nicely. I don't know about your neighborhood kids, but my pint sized neighbors will love 8 candy bars at one stop!!!

Gift Card Holders Featuring New Stampin' Up Toys

What a busy day I had in my scraproom! I cut and assembled two projects that you will get to see in a week or so, and I played with my new Stampin' Up toys! At stamp club last month I purchased a cute set of ornament stamps and a matching ornament punch. Tonight I finally opened the packages!

I made a few gift tags for the gifts I am making for the ladies at work. Then I moved on to my main event: Gift Card holders! Or should that be gift card cards? Which ever...

My cards were made using 4.5 x 11 inch cardstock, scored and folded. I looked at a few web sites for instructions on how to cut out the slot for the gift card, but in the end I made up my own way.
The card holders were super easy to cut and assemble. The most difficult part, oddly, was finding the right Christmas cardstock. I used the trusted "trial and error" method and only disposed of one card.

Projects with Cut Files

Have you been by Custom Crops this week? There were several new projects posted last Monday (the day of new article releases at CC), two of which were mine. I had a cute layout using Everyday Paper Dolls and Plantin, as well as a recipe folder and recipe cards using A Child's Year.

The recipe folder and cards are easy, but time consuming to cut and assemble. I made two dozen of the cards and as the folder does not hold nearly that number of cards, I will have recipe cards to go with the gift as well as leftover cards for my personal use.

The layout is just one of those fun layouts that I like to do. Sadly I no longer have little children to scrap onto this layout. I hope it keeps well because I am hopeful for grandchildren some day! I made both the aliens and the space kids in both genders, a boy and girl of each. The great thing about Paper Dolls is you can personalize so many aspects of the characters.

The cut files and complete instructions are available at Custom Crops. Just click on the Custom Crops blinkie to the left and you will see the project names under my bio.

Thankful Layout - Gypsy & DS hybrid

My latest layout, Thankful, is yet another design for Thanksgiving. I have four scrapbooks that require pages for every family event/holiday - a page for each child's book and one for my book. I use similar photos for each layout, but I mix up the layouts to keep the scrapping fresh.

This layout is going into my book - because I am thankful for each of the people who will be featured on this layout!!! Also, I really like how this layout looks.

The layout was created using both DS and Gypsy. I cut the fabulous double layer leaves using the Gypsy's Gypsy Wanderings cartridge. The remaining elements were cut using DS. I used DS because I had already designed the title and squares in DS. I added the leaves to complete the layout.