Cricut Maker Machine

My Scraproom

My scrap room is my in-home hideaway.  The layout and storage units have changed over time, but I am pleased with how it has come together.  It is a bit cluttered, but that is just my scrapping toy/tool/cardstock obsession!! 

This is my main work desk (above) - I just wanted this photo at the top of the page - after this we will begin the scraproom tour!

Let's tourWhen you enter through the door directly in front of  you is the Cricut desk.  This is a Store-In-Style desk and I love that it holds both of my current Cricut die cut machines, with room to add the new Expression 2 when it arrives!  The desk is wonderful in that it has four deep, spacious drawers that hold lots of useful items.  The top drawer houses my Cricut Imagine cartridges.  The second drawer is filled with paper punches.  The third drawer down is stuffed with various colors of Cricut Vinyl.  And the bottom drawer.... Okay, I honestly do not remember right now!  Also the other side in split cube on the slide out shelf are all of my cartridges.  I have about 100 cartridges sorted alphabetically in snapware.  In the bottom half of the split cube you will find my Yourstory and Jukebox.
I used ribbons and lanyards that I received at CHA to create the window decorations.  I clipped photos and my Cricut Circle certificate to the lanyards and ribbons to create visual interest.

Above - This cute triple tray sits atop the desk - in the spot my new E2 will call home in the near future!!
Below - A peek into my cartridge sorting method.

Right Turn - Once you reach the paper tower you must turn right and continue around the room.  You will immediately encounter the wall of cubes!  The bottom six cubes are more of my Store-In-Style cubes.  As you can see they are larger than those by other manufacturers.  To top four cubes on the left are from Target.  The remaining smaller cube is made by Jettmax.  I truly prefer my Store-In-Style cubes, but I will be the first to admit that they are more expensive, heavier, and larger.

There are a lot of products stored in these cubes:

Drawers - Gypsy drawer, knitting drawer, general craft item drawer, and "leftover" 12x12 printed paper/cardstock.

Bottom Middle Cubes - magazines and thin books, pages to be booked for my daughter and for the family books.

Bottom Right Cubes - Pages and paper for Carter and Gabi, Aaron and Crissie's pages to be booked and Ian's pages to be booked.

Upper Right Cubes - Imagine cutting mats and solid white smooth cardstock, Yudu Card Shop and Card Shop screens.

Upper Middle Cubes - Lots of card making supplies: cards, envelops, etc. Embossing tools - powders and embossing gun.

Upper Left Cubes - Cardstock stacks and all of my Cricut Cartridge overlays and books. The books and overlays are in large snapware and are sorted alphabetically. The cutting mats which are currently being used are sorted atop the snapware.

Top - On top of the cubes are three items - Caroline the dress form, who holds some of my embellies, a ribbon box with a ribbon sorter bag, and a spinning embellie holder.


Continuing to the Right - The first part of my L shaped main desk and the two hutch storage units.  The butterfly bucket under the desk contains printed cartstock/paper sorted by brand/line.  As you can see, this is where most of my flowers are stored, along with a few stamps and some of ribbon.

In the corner sits my TV and above that, a vinyl wall decor:

Right Turn - As you turn to the right you will see the other side of the L shaped desk, which is also my main work area. On top of the L shaped desk is the drawer desk top piece by The Original Scrapbox.  I love this organizer! It is great for holder very commonly used items.

Copics and Ink pads are stored above the desk and are sorted by color. The desk is topped with Cricut Created works of art and Mr. Cricut!

More Cubes - Next to the main work area desk is a tower of Kaiser Craft cubes.  I love these cubes.  The cubs hold my most used cardstock/paper.  The top to cubes are sorted by theme or brand.  There are Valentine, Easter, Halloween, Fall, and two Birthday themed shelves.  Others are sorted by brand.  The bottom two cubes are all Christmas paper sorted by brand.  I find this method works really well for me. 

Right Turn - Just before you exit back out the door you will encounter this tall thin shelf unit. It contains my Grand Caliber, Spellbinder dies, and Cuttlebug embossing folders. Above that is what I call "Stamp Land". I have my stamps sorted by brand and/or size.

Top - Atop the shelf unit is a snap together small cube set that hold all of my brad, eyelets, and buttons sorted by color. The little drawers were easy to label and are perfect for these little embellishments.

Inspiration - I hope my room might inspire you to better organize and sort your tools and supplies.  I have found that I am back to my old habit of completely cleaning up after each project - the only way to keep my room super clean.  Also, I find I am more creative in a clean room.  Maybe it is just that I do not have the mess to distract me!! 

Cardstock Anyone?  One of the newest residents of my scraproom is this wonderful paper sorter.  Towering to 54" tall, the rack holds all of my solid color cardstock, sorted by color.


  1. Very nice room!! You are really organized. One of these days I will post pic's of mine. Hmm maybe I should do a now and later. Not!! It is such a mess and I am so ashamed of it right now. I think that's probably why I'm sitting on the couch with my puter, there's not room on my scrapbook table for it. UGH!! I thinkk when my scrapcave is neat and tidied up and can get so much more done. It just makes me feel like crafting and creating. TFS

  2. I love what you did with the wedding dress card.

  3. Great scrap room. Looks very organized. Mine stays organized for about 5 min. then it looks like a tornado went through...LOL! Love your blog. I am now a follower. TFS.
    Happily Scrapbooking my Memories~Sandra

  4. That is the most amazing crafting room; one I would love to have. I made myself a huge table, with storage underneath but haven't yet gotten storage for my paper. Your room is a definite inspiration.

  5. Wow, I have craft room envy! I only have a small corner of our home office. Maybe one day I will have a room like yours!!

  6. Fab, over here (in the UK) people don't go in for craftrooms that much but i have mine in my bedroom (half and half, lol ) yours is gorgeous and i love your blue expression too!


  7. nice room,i wish i had a room set up like that.My stuff is a bit allover the place.You seem very organized.Good job!!

  8. Great inspiration! Looks like a great place to be creative!!!

    Debbie fron Nebraska