Friday, August 4, 2017

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello friends.  It has been a long week!  I am back today to share my top five favorite products from the new Annual Inspiration Book. 

You know me, I am a sucker for a good organizational tool.  Our Workspace Wonder Set is one of my absolute favorite things.  I have about 18 pieces of Workspace Wonders - six paper trays, a pen holder, accessory trays, and a tower of ink holders. They are fabulous for keeping my desktop supplies organized.  So I am THRILLED that Close To My Heart released the Carousel Top and Bottom pieces.  Goodbye tower of ink; hello twirly carousel of ink!!! 

Seriously, do I even need to recap my feelings about this cartridge?  Briefly, I thought it was all about travel - and it IS about travel - but not exclusively. It is a great cartridge.  See Monday's post if you require more information.

I love this set.  I am, when it comes right down to it, a girly-girl.  And so is this stamp and thin die set.  It is just so pretty.  I like pretty!

Speaking of pretty??? Yep, this color right here!!  I have been asking for a pale pink color for the last .... four years, at least.  Thank you powers that be at CTMH!

This stamp set!  WOW. When you look at the image below you probably have the, "what's the big deal?" reaction. I LOVE that this set makes quick work of creating custom watercolor look backgrounds. Need splash of color? Here you go.  Need a few splatters? Right here. Need a block of color? This set has you covered.  For such a boring looking set of stamps, this set packs a power punch of potential use. You NEED this stamp set.

There it is, my top five from the new catalog - with one caveat - because I covered so many dies yesterday I did not list the border thin dies.  I do love those thin border dies!

Click HERE to link to the online version of the Annual Inspirations Book. Have a look through and discover your own favorite new products and create a wish list!  

Thank you for joining me this week.  I will be back on Monday with next week's Bitten By the Bug 2 challenge, then later in the week I will reveal two more You Are There creations.

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