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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cricut Bags and Totes on Sale NOW!

Hello friends!  Today and am going to share info on Cricut's new Bags and Totes.  The products are very well made and are perfect for storing and traveling with your Cricut.  I rarely get this excited over storage/travel products.

You know what I do get excited over?  Really good sales on products I love. Right now all of the Cricut bags and totes are on sale.  I picked up the Rolling Craft Tote and Machine Tote Tweed Bundle. The bundle is normally $329.98.  However, right now it the bundle is on sale for $229.99!!  And - are you a Cricut Access member?  You will receive an additional 10% off with your membership.  Do you have a friend with a 15% code?  I do.  I used the code JOY for an additional 15% off with free shipping for a total of $175.74!!! 

If you have contemplated ordering the new bags and totes, NOW is the time.  Do not dilly-dally!!!  All of the various bundles are on-sale.

The machine bad will work for your Cricut machine - your Expression, Expression 2, or any version of the Explore.  I am thrilled that my Explore 2 will be snuggled in safety when I travel.

The bags stack together safely and have multi-directional wheels.  Super cool!

I am excited to use the spacious travel tote to organize and transport my supplies to crops.  The bag holds a deceptive amount of products!!  

Did I mention not to dilly-dally??  This is a limited time sale!!!

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