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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Heritage Recipe Scrapping

Hello friends.  Today I have a Heritage layout to share with you.  Close To My Heart is having contest for consultants and I decided to enter this layout. I love the layout, but I am really unhappy with the photography.  I am not sure what I am doing different when photographing my project lately, but the color and detail are not what I would like them to be.  

One of the only rules for the contest was to use only currently available products.  Easy-peasy.  I began by designing my layout in Cricut Design Space.  That is a habit I developed years ago with the original Cricut Design Studio software.  I like building my layout before I begin cutting.  I find I waste less paper that way.  This is what my layout looked like in Design Space:

I used shades of gray and cream as space holders for printed cardstock.  I also changed my title after designing the layout.  Sadly, I also switched a photograph I had planned to use, but forgot to change the writing on the layout page before writing and cutting.  In the photo below I had planned to use a photo of my great-grandparents shortly after their wedding, but instead I used this photo of grandma holding her granddaughter, my grandmother.

I am not going to go into every detail of this layout.  I will say that I cut all of the flowers in white cardstock, then used ink and watercolor brushes to watercolor the flowers.  It was fun and easy.  After the flowers dried and were assembled, I added shimmer pen accents to some of the flowers, but not all.

I also watercolored the white layer of the leaves.  After assembling I used a spray bottle and added speckles of color to the leaves. I really like the details.

In the photo above you will see me as a young mother.  I am looking adoringly at Ian.  He was three months old and I was 31.  That was almost 26 years ago!

The tea pot, above, was edited in Design Studio.  I placed an oval over the center area of the teapot the used the "slice" function to remove the flower and leaf section of the teapot.  I then made my own spray of flowers and used a stamped embellishment to decorate my teapot.  If you lift the teapot, the recipe will be revealed.

One of the details lost in my photos is the shimmer effect on the baby's breath.  I added touches of gold shimmer to the edges of the baby's breath, then went over the entire white bud with clear shimmer.  They look really nice on the page.  Also, in the photo above, you can see the gold glitter gems.

I note about the recipe:  This is my entire family's favorite breakfast recipe, but one we have on very rare occasions due to the amount of sugar in the sauce.  It is essentially homemade biscuits (yum) with a chocolate sauce over them.  The chocolate sauce is heavenly, but very rich.  I refer to it as diabetes on a plate.  But seriously, every member of our family loves this.  And, according to my mother, our ancestors found this as yummy as we do.

I can remember standing in a chair watching my grandmother make this. She always prepared this when we visited.  And then I watched my mom make it.  There was never "a written down recipe" until I finally wrote it down a few years ago. I realized it was going to be lost if it was not documented. Now not only is it documented, it is scrapped!!  Three photos of the actual breakfast appear in the filmstrip frames.

Below you will find a linked list of the Close To My Heart products I used to make this layout.  I did not add the Artistry cartridge to the list as only one cut came from that particular cartridge - the film strip cut.  

D1708 – Sentiments Stamp from Flower Market Collection (above)

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoy my poorly photographed layout.  


  1. Beautiful pages with ever so neat pictures. Also love the idea of planning your layout in the Craft Room. I do that with cards but never crossed my mind to do it with my scrapbook pages. Thought for sure I'd see the recipe at the end of the post with the tea pot flipped opened.😉

  2. Love, Love, Love your Beautiful Layout! Just Lovely. Glad I stopped by. Happy Day to You!

  3. Kathy and Cindy, thank you both so much. Kathy you are right, I should have shared a photo of the recipe. Honestly I am kind of embarrassed as it is mostly sugar! Ha ha.

  4. Beautiful. It's a winner for sure!

  5. Susan, I really love your heritage layout! I can't believe how much detail you put into this--it truly is a piece of art!