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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Make Your Own Book with Blurb

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Hello friends.  With only one day to go until our grandson is born, I have been gathering infant photography props, blankets, throws, and such, preparing for Jude's first photo shoot.  I love the day one, week one photos we captured of Avaleigh and I hope to do just as well with Jude.  I even took a class on posing newborns!  

Wondering what I do with all of those photos?  Yes, I print and frame some of them.  Of course I scrapbook the photos! I have made a couple of canvases, and I have made books.  Avaleigh loves books.  My most recent book for Avaleigh was a color book.  On the left page was a photo of Avaleigh, wearing something that related to the color on the right page.  For example, she is wearing red pajamas on the Red page, with a red apple on the color page.  She really likes the book.

I make a lot of the books at Blurb (link is in the banner above).  While my books are for our personal use, at Blurb you can make books and sell them.  You can also make books and use them for fundraiser projects.

My favorite of the books I have created to date is Bethany and John's wedding book.  It looks completely professional!

Above is the cover, which wraps around the spine.  

Above and below are layout photo pages within the book.  I love the way that we can feature favorite photos and still include a lot of smaller photos of the event. 

Remember above where I said that you can sell your books?  You can make books and fund raise with them.  With Blurb you can use your link to promote the books you create.  

I suspect that my next book with be titled, Hey Jude, and will be created next week!!

I will be be back to post photos of my new grandson later this week.  Until them, click the link at the top of the page and go make a book at Blurb!!

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