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Friday, March 11, 2016

Planner Fun with Audrey

Hello my friends!  Today I have an out of the ordinary project to share with you - my day planner.  I rely heavily on my day planner these days because with my mom, the baby, and my own stuff, I have a lot to remember.  I use the Calendar feature in Outlook, but I also like to write down lists of what I need/hope to accomplish.  The day planner is a perfect place for my dated notes to self.

I am using the same binder that I used last year, an on sale binder I purchased at Kikki-k.  This year I ordered plain, unadorned refill calendar pages.  I wanted to create my own "Susan-ized" theme, though I find that I am not a doodler with my planner.  Kudos to those of you who are, I think the doodled planners are darling.   

I planned my theme by starting a Pinterest Board tilted Planner Ideas Originally I thought I might use Vogue Magazine covers as monthly dividers. However, as I pinned my plans changed and I decide to go with an Audrey Hepburn theme.  Each of my monthly and tab divider pages feature Audrey Hepburn on various magazine covers.  There is just something about Audrey Hepburn:  her smile is so infectious, she is so elegant, and she looks so kind.

I did make one variation on the magazine cover theme:  Audrey pop art.  I found several images of pop art featuring Audrey and I saved those also. 

To print my divider pages, I opened Microsoft Power Point and sized my slides to match the size of the plain dividers included in the Kikki-K set.  I inserted an image into each slide and printed the slides onto white 8.5 x 11 inch card stock.  I used my paper trimmer to cut the dividers out, leaving a tab in the side of each divider.

I used clear labels and printed the month names and other divider names: BWTC (Busy with the Cricky), BBTB2 (Bitten by the Bug 2), Home, Projects,  and Etc.  The labels were affixed to the tabs and trimmed.

My planner is more than a reminder of doctor appointments, meetings, etc. It is a true organization tool.  I included sections on my blogs, my in-home projects (including the areas I plan to work on after the kitchen redecorating project completes), and other projects. 


On the monthly view calendars, I keep a general cleaning schedule - what I want to do in addition to basic vacuuming, dusting, etc.   At the beginning of each month I also included printables from Jenn's blog, Clean and Scentsible.  Jenn has a household organization program that I am following (with some slight "Susan-ized" changes).

This is a link to Jenn's Organization Diet post.  She gives you the overview and there are links to the printables.

In addition to regular cleaning, this program has you deep cleaning one area of your home each month - well unless you have multiples of the same room, then you have to do extra duty.  For example we have three full bathrooms so the list above is for all three of my bathrooms. 

I took Jenn's Master Bedroom deep cleaning list and switched its place in the line up as I want to focus on that area earlier rather than later.  I also removed the "Outside" month - prepping your garden, etc. - as Doug covers those areas, and added in a whole new section:  Craft Room Deep Clean!  I could probably schedule more than one month of deep cleaning in there!!

I have one more printable inserted into every week - a menu planner and a food journal/workout sheet.  I have been trying to eat healthier, reduce my weight, and exercise more.  I did really well with this last year from July until Christmas, but I have struggled greatly this year.  While I have not regained any of the 40 pounds I have lost, I am no where near my goal and have found that I need more structure and organization in this area as well.  I have also discovered that my biggest issue is not making wise choices (I rarely make bad food choices now), but rather it is portion control.  The meal planner and food journal should help me address this.

The photo above is watermarked because I found both forms on Pinterest. One of the forms has a statement asking that the form not be distributed. There are a ton of similar forms on Pinterest, I just happened to like these two best for meeting my needs.

Below you can see how the dividers line up.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I know this is not my typical blog post, but I hope that you found it informative and useful.  I do find that using the planner helps keep me organized. 

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