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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Buffet Face Lift

Hello my friends!  Today I have a non-papercrafting project to share with you. Last weekend was a long weekend due to Good Friday.  I decided to work on one of my in home projects while I had three days were Avaleigh would not be visiting us.  

I had an old maple finished buffet, similar to the one below, that matched NOTHING in my dining room.  I purchased it with the intention of painting it - someday.  Well that day arrived!  Friday morning I began on the buffet's face lift!

I used Rust-Oleum's Furniture Transformations kit to redo the buffet.  I love that I did not have to sand down the entire piece.  That save HOURS of work.  

Rust-Oleum has two furniture transformation kits, a light color kit and, the one I used, a dark color kit.  I chose the lagoon blue color (third from the left on the bottom row).  The paint department at Home Depot added the color to the base coat.

The "face lift" was a four step process, with lots of drying time in between.  You begin by applying a Deglosser/ Cleaning agent to the entire surface, scrubbing with a green scrubby.  After rinsing VERY well and hand drying, you have to let the furniture thoroughly dry for at least an hour.

Step two is actually a two step process.  Using a brush or appropriate roller, apply a coat of the base coat with color.  Allow this to dry 2-3 hours.  Then apply a second coat!  Everything I read said it was better to have incomplete coverage on the first coat and keep the coat thin.  A thin second coat then covered all of the surfaces very well.  Allow the second coat to dry 2-3 hours.

Step three is the optional glazing process.  Working in sections, you apply a dark glaze then wipe off the excess.  This ages the pieces and add highlights and darker areas.  You must let the glaze dry for at least 8 hours.  This is where I stopped on Friday evening.  I will tell you that the glaze shows up far too well in the photos.  It is more subtle in real life.  

Of course speaking of the photos, the carpet under the buffet IS NOT streaked with blue paint.  I promise I did use a professional drop cloth.  I think the blue and dark glaze are just an optical illusions caused by the photograph.

Saturday morning I completed the forth step - the clear protective top coat.  I like the top coat.  It is not a heavy gloss, but does give a bit of shine to the piece.  The top coat has to be brushed on then allowed to dry for 12 hours in a dust free, pet free area.  

Late Saturday evening I added the new hardware to the piece, an inexpensive set I found on Amazon.

If you are wondering WHY I completed the project in the dining room it is because the pollen count is FAR TOO HIGH to allow for working in my garage right now.  I would have had green buffet instead of blue!

The face lift process was very easy and I am glad I tried it on the buffet. Next I will be using Rust-Oleum's Cabinet Transformations Kit (which works the same way) and painting the bottom kitchen cabinets a light grey color.   That is next week's project while Avaleigh is off on her Spring Break adventures with her parents!


  1. Oh WOW!!! That turned out AMAZING!!! LOOOVE your makeover and I bet it looks beautiful in your dining room! Have a great day!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  2. It turned out beautifully Susan!!! :)