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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Dickens Village 2015

Hello friends.  I had a Christmas card project all set to share with you, but I am sharing my first Christmas Decor project of the 2015 season:  My Dickens Village.

The Village is built on a two piece Styrofoam base which I enhanced with inked walked ways and stone retaining walls.  The village is 18 x 48 inches.  I placed this on the buffet section of an large antique serving piece (seven feet tall x fifty-four inches wide).  This is the largest surface on the cabinet, with open shelves above.  I actually purchased two additional styrofoam bases (12 inches deep) to use on the upper shelves as my Village grows.

Last year after Christmas I purchased some very inexpensive Lexmark people and two vendors.  Sadly, they are not of the same quality as the Dept 56 pieces.

Does this guy look guilty or what?  I call this the nineteenth century Starbucks.  NO CUP drama in my Village.

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  1. Are you 'leaving' fall behind already? Your fall cards have been wonderful. Love the village - I would have put mine out already too.