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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Treat Boxes

Happy Halloween!   I am sneaking in a quick post before we are over run with little ghouls, super heroes, Annas and Elsas, Avengers, etc.  As always I make special treats for our special Trick or Treaters.  We have a handful of darling immediate neighbor children for whom I always create something special.  This year Doug was in charge of the treats and I took care of the containers.

I used two cartridges to create these boxes - Autumn Celebrations and Hello Kitty Greetings.  I made HK for the girls and Frankie for the boys!  I think both came out darling.  

Doug purchased full size candy bars for our special kids as well as a ton of fun size candy.  These little boxes (which are 1 1/8 inch deep) held the full size candy bar, a charms blow pop, and two fun size candies.   

I think EVERYONE will be happy they stopped by our house tonight.  Doug way over bought on the candy and I plan to give a "handful" to every child who stops by.  I have been dieting since July 1 and I do not need extra candy in the house to tempt me.  I specifically asked Doug to get candy that I did not like.  Did he listen?  Oh NOOOO!  Our kitchen is over run with Snickers and Milky Ways.... Even extra full size bars.  That was just not nice of him!!  However, 36 pounds down in my diet I do not plan to blow it by eating a candy bar!!!

I hope you have a happy Halloween!

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