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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Embracing Changes and Moving On

Hello everyone.  I know it has been three weeks - THREE WEEKS - since I last posted on my blog.  In that time I have done a lot of soul searching and introspection, and made a few changes based on those activities.

I decided to let go of Bitten By The Bug 2.  I have been on the Bitten By The Bug design team since being part of Regina Easter's original team - since December of 2008.  I succeeded Donna Mundinger and Carole Lowe Beath as the team leader in the fall of 2012.  And while I love BBTB2, I have not been doing a good job as leader of the team for sometime.  So I decided to move on....

Looking at the last three years of my life, there has been so much change and so many stressful events.  BBTB2 was, for a time, a nice creative outlet for dealing with the stress.  But more recently, BBTB2 had become a chore for me.  I was not making time for myself in my craft room and I have struggled with many stress factors.

The biggest stress factor in my life at the moment is NOT my mom's Alzheimer's and her living with us, but is actually Doug's current state of unemployment.  Doug has laid off several months ago.  His layoff combined with our other stress factors have caused us both to have bouts of depression.  We are now trying to focus on the positive and let go of anything that distracts us from the positive, and for me that includes BBTB2.

I know that the depression is about more than job and crafting.  It involves several other factors in my life, including feelings of abandonment by many of my friends.  I realized that I have felt alone and unsupported by those beyond my family and bff.  

I was asked by Diana Larson to pass the team along to her instead of closing the design team.  So BBTB2 will be seeing some changes in leadership, team make up, and rules in the coming weeks.

The highlight of the last four months of our lives has, of course, been our beautiful granddaughter, Avaleigh.  I have loved having the ability to spend so much time with this sweetie.  I am praying that she will be spending her days with me next school year too.

  Thank  for stopping by and for reading about my resignation and depression.   Life will improve!


  1. You will be so missed at BBTB2 Susan. But life takes us in different directions sometimes and you have to embrace it. Your beautiful Avaleigh will always be the highlight of your life. You have to be your best for her. Hang in there. God has it all and He has a special plan for you and Doug.

  2. Susan, so sorry that you are going through so much right now. You have been an inspiration with sharing your beautiful cards and projects. Thank you for all that you have done for BBTB2! You will be missed.
    Your granddaughter is so precious! I know you enjoy spending time with her!
    Sending hugs and prayers your way!

    Glenda's Cards

  3. Your story is touching I wish you and your family the best. Your grand daughter is beautiful. I will miss seeing your gorgeous projects. Good luck

  4. So sorry to hear about the depression. There is a saying that God only gives us what we can handle and he takes the rest. Sometimes thats hard to believe when its happening, but things will get better. You have made a decision and you will be missed, but At this time this is what you need in your life.

    Prayers going out to you...

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been dealing with so much! I can relate to many of the challenges you're facing, and the feelings of abandonment during the dark days can often been the most difficult to bear. I pray that things will improve for you, but until then I pray God will bring you strength and comfort to carry you through.

    I can't leave without saying Avaleigh is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure looking into that sweet face brings you much joy!

  6. I am so sorry to hear of what you are going through. Loss of income is a major stressor to which depression is a normal reaction. I have so enjoyed your posts, although I am new to Cricut, but you are wish to let go of any unnecessary stressors. I smiled the moment I opened your post and saw that beautiful baby. I hope she is nearby so you can hold on to her when you are down. I struggle with the some of your same stressors such as reduced funds and abandonment and they are hard to deal with. Please hold on. Things can improve. Hold on to your family and your faith and they can help you deal with the challenges. God bless. I will keep you in my prayers. Maybe you can come back when things are better. Would the group allow you to pop in to let us know how you are doing, from time to time? Regardless, I will be praying for you and your husband. Hugs.

  7. I am really sorry you are dealing with some tough times right now! I pray that life will get back on track and you can be filled with joy again. Your granddaughter is beautiful! Take time to enjoy those precious times with her because as you now they grow up so fast. Take care!!

  8. Oh Susan, I'm so sorry to hear that Doug has been laid off! I wish you would have talked to me, I'm always here for you if you need to vent!!! I know how you are feeling, but with different circumstances. Depression isn't a nice thing and I don't know one person who hasn't experienced it. So you are not alone my friend. Thanks for leading BBTB2 for the length of time that you have. You were always amazing and still are amazing!! I will pray that Doug finds a job soon and you all can go along enjoying life. Life sure isn't fair is it?! Trust me I've been all over the unfairness of life. Just hang in here and vent to me anytime!!! Big hugs, Brenda

  9. Oh hon, I certainly feel for you and understand when what you once loved becomes a chore. Carole and I were thrilled when you took over BBTB2 and you did such an amazing job. Now I'm sure you feel it's a relief that you've handed it over to another amazing crafter and friend. I'm so sorry for all the negatives that have encroached on your life and hope that Doug finds work soon. Obviously, the huge positive is that precious angel you've been blessed with. One look at that face and you can't help but be filled with joy. Hugs to you, Sweetie and much love. xxD