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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dickens Village Crafting

Hello everyone!  First of all - no, we do not have any baby news yet!  Avaleigh is taking her own sweet time arriving!

While I do have several wedding layouts I could be sharing with you, instead I am going to share some crafting I have been doing for my Dept 56 Dickens Village display.   I purchased my first Dickens Village piece after Christmas in 2013.  Last November I added two more buildings and the people that coordinate with the village church I chose.  Santa was a honey and brought me the Milliner Shop and the two hat ladies.  And my mom gave me the electrical consolidation kit and a set of trees.

I had the first three buildings sitting on top of an antique white linen and lace card table tablecloth. But as more pieces arrived I starting doing a bit of research on Google, Pinterest, and ebay and found that I could purchase various styles of Styrofoam bases for the village.

I found this 17 x 48 inch two piece base on etsy at Country Store and More.  I purchased the base and it fit nicely, with a bit of room left on each end, on the counter top of my HUGE antique cabinet.  I really like the base and in playing with it, I discovered that it can be put together to form four different layouts.  I chose to use the layout above in my photos.

While I was thrilled to have the village base, I planned to a bit of remodeling when I took the little village apart to put away.  Yesterday was put away day.  And yesterday afternoon I went to work on my base (because in this case, it really was "All about the base").

I purchased a small bag of "field stones" from a miniature shop on Amazon and glued the flat side of the stones to the carved walls on the base to create stone retaining walls.  I think once I add loose snow to the stones next Christmas they will look great.

I like the carved steps and walkways on my base, but I felt that the Dickens Village would not not have gray shimmer roads and walkways, but brown stone.  I took two of my Close To My Heart markers, Clay and Brown, and I colored over the gray.  First I went over all of the gray areas with the Clay colored marker, then I added brown specs, spots, and highlights.  I also added some mud and brown stone look to the stairs.

I purchased the Dept 56 stone steps for my display.  I used a craft knife and cut away one set of steps, carving into the base, so that the stone steps reach the walkway on the next tier up.

I also found some darling little Dept 56 Dickens stone and wrought iron fence pieces that look fabulous at the top of the retaining walls!

I confess that I did do some after Christmas shopping for next year's village.  I added two more buildings. the Dickens Village sign and lamp lighter, the horse drawn carriage, additional people, and more tiny details.

I went back to the store where I purchased the base and asked if the could customize a second base for me.  I have two 8.5 inch deep shelves above the area where the base sat this year and I thought it would be great to cut the base in half length wise and put half on each of the next two shelves.  That will ensure that I have plenty of room for my village to grow and all of the bases will match.

In the meantime, my Village is packed away until the end of the year.  I cannot wait to find more cute little pieces for my village next Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by today....


  1. I love the changes your made to the base, and how cool is that base anyway?! Love it and love your buildings and accessories! Hugs, Brenda

  2. I love the village base and your alterations! I'll have to show this to my husband--he's the "keeper of the village" in our house and I know he'll think it's cool. I'm sure you're over the moon waiting on the arrival of Avaleigh! (BTW--my one-year-old granddaughter's name is Adaleigh.)

  3. Your new base design is fabulous. Can't wait to see it next year.