Thursday, December 4, 2014

Plate and Mug Set for Santa

Hello friends!  I had so much fun yesterday afternoon with my friend Ruth Garland.  Ruth purchased a darling red plate, complete with Chef Moose attached, and a cute mug to create a "Cookies for Santa" plate for her great niece.  She considered having someone paint the phrase "Cookies for Santa" on to the plate, but instead I volunteered to cut vinyl letters (and snowflakes).

The plate had an eight inch diameter.  Using my Silhouette designer software, I created a six and a half inch circle onto which I added the text.  Ruth had considered her phrasing ahead of time and had what she wanted on the plates written out.  That made my work easier!

I used the Kristen font and added Ruth's text:  "Dear Santa, Please find Cookies for you & carrots for your Reindeer.  Love, Kendall". I measured the distance from the edge of the moose to the edge of his mixing bowl and blocked that area on my circle.  I adjusted the size of the font until it filled the rest of the circle, then cut the phrase in white vinyl.  At this point Ruth was thrilled to learn about transfer tape!  

After completing the plate we continued on to the mug.  Once again Ruth had had designed her layout and desired text.  We used the same Kristen font, black vinyl, and cut the text for Santa's Mug.

I have a confession - I cannot wait to make one of these for Avaleigh next year .... You know, after she is actually born! (Smile...) 

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