Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Feeling Blue Swing Card

I am not really feeling blue, just tired and achy.  As you read this, I am on day three of the big "room switch".  As you might recall, first my mom was planning to move in with us.  Then after a bit of drama, she decided to move in with my brother.  Well, a month after the move would have worked best for us, the offer to live with my brother's family changed.... So once again I am in the middle of getting my house ready for my mom.  Though this time, we are not going to rush to get everything done quickly.

My mom is aware that with the passing of Doug's mother, Doug is spending time in Chattanooga helping his brothers with their mom's house.  Also, we are now down to 60 days to go until the wedding.... and there are other things going on.  So our plan is to work in the move when we can, though mom will be using our guest room when she visits.  If we manage to get her moved in June, that would be a bonus.  But for now we are just making some living area changes.

Monday, Tuesday, and today I have disassembled and moved (with my trusty hand truck) the furniture out of our former office.  Kudos to MFK's (my friend Kathy's) son Kyle for wanting the 5 foot by 4 foot L-shaped desk we had in the office.  His wife also took the recliner (the OLD recliner) for her dad.  Do woo-hoo.  Then I unloaded the dishes from inside the buffet and used the hand truck to move the buffet to the dining room.  Yesterday evening Aaron (my older son) helped me move the HEAVY dining table to its new location.  I then moved the chairs.

Today I am dealing with lingering office junk and possibly the china cabinet.  I have a lot of office junk that needs to be sorted and organized.  Sigh.... I hope that by the time I head out to my mom's for the weekend I will have phase one of this move under control.

So... Now that you know what is going on in my life.... mostly.... Let's get back to my card!  When I made my Mother's Day Card for this week's Bitten by the Bug 2 challenge, I ran across this pretty blue floral print scrap of card stock.  I literally only had a 7 x 7 inch scrap of this paper, but I love it so much and thought it might make a wonderful blue swing (or flip) card!

I used the same cut file that I had previously used to make the pink Mother's Day card.  This time instead of stamping and making flowers, I used micro-tipped scissors and hand cut some of the flowers and leaves from my paper scraps that we left after I cut the two panel covers (above).  I especially like the flowers on the white tag shapes, on the front and on the inside.

I did not add any stamping to this card because I thought I would wait and see how I actually use this card. It could easily be a thank you card or a condolence card.... Or just a thinking of you card.  By not adding a sentiment now, I have more options later.

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my Feeling Blue card.  If you are still reading you deserve an award!!!

Oh one other note on my life - - I will be spending tomorrow at the Charlotte's, the Bridal store in downtown Aiken.  My dress for the wedding arrive and while I LOVE the style and silhouette, the bosom is a bit (cough, cough) small.  In other words, FAR too much of me shows with this dress!!  I cannot, will not, wear this dress to my daughter's wedding (or any place else without a lace insert).  In the meantime, I have decided to go for plan B and purchase a new dress.  I just hope they can get my dress in on time!!  Fingers crossed everyone!

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  1. Sending you hugs, Susan. Stay strong and everything will work out. Oh, and I love the 'blue' card. So pretty! TFS : ) Christine