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Monday, March 17, 2014

Where, Oh Where, Am I Hiding?

Hello Friends.... I have missed you!  In all of the years that I have been blogging, I have NEVER before gone two weeks without a new post.  I am ashamed of myself for this lapse, but honestly, I just needed a break from one area of my life.  Sadly, I unintentionally chose a fun part!

There are so many stress-filled things going on in my life that for the most part, I have handled well.  However, I finally reached a point where I had to let go of somethings and ask family for help in other areas.

The last 18 months have brought major changes to our lives.  Some of you know that my husband returned to work last summer after a 10.5 month layoff.  We were thrilled that Doug rejoined the work force, but we were concerned with the location of his new job.  Doug works out of town three to four days each week.  One of many things we discovered while Doug was laid off was that we enjoyed being home together!  We were looking forward to eventual retirement and spending our days together.  After almost of year of day to day togetherness, Doug's new schedule, our "new normal" has taken quite an adjustment.  And my biggest fear with the new normal is that we will adjust to being apart and may not enjoy our time together down the road.

All of you are aware that my only daughter, Bethany, is getting married to a wonderful man this summer.  The wedding prep has been a mixture of fun and stress.  There are still many things to do, though we actually have a good handle on everything for the most part.

We met with the wedding cake designer last week and I must tell you that it was the most fun thing we have done recently.  Bethany and John were so organized and enjoyed the experience so much.  I was so impressed with the cake they designed.  Three flavors, four layers, and a perfect representation of Vintage-Rustic, their theme.

In addition to cakes, we have also been looking at cupcakes.  How pretty are the cupcakes in the photo below?  Ours will not be quite this detailed, but I do love this photo.

And finally the other HUGE thing going on in my life concerns my mother.  My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease a year ago. In that time we have witness losses in many areas of her life.  Her health is great, but she has reached a point where she does not need to live alone, though she is not ready for assisted living.

Last December, after a visit with us, my mom decided to move in with Doug and I.  I think she thought that since I was alone part of the week, this would work well for both of us.  And in many ways she is right.  The bottom line for me is she needs me to be there for her and I want for her to feel cared about.

I am finding my mom's move to be very overwhelming.   I am making several huge changes in the layout of our home to accommodate the move and increase living areas.  I am having to remove all of the furniture from our guest room, because my mom naturally wants her own bedroom furniture.   And while we are moving furniture around, we have decided to switch our office and dinning room areas, which will allow our great room to expand.

I want to keep the antique bed that is currently in the guest room, with a new mattress set that has only been slept on 5 nights(!).  SO, (gulp!) I am giving up half of my scrapbook room in order to keep the bed.  THAT is going to be a huge undertaking.  My scrap room is over-flowing. And ALL of this is happening in the next three weeks in the midst bridal shower planning, Easter, spring break, etc.

So, I apologize for checking out of blog land on you and for being a horrid team leader at BBTB2, but life has gotten in the way of my paper crafting joy!  I look forward to the day when the house is settled, mom is here, and life returns to a new version of our "new normal" and stops throwing stress my way!

I will try to keep you up to date on the changes, but in the meantime, I hope you will forgive my sketchy blogging habits!!


  1. Wow - it seems like your cup has runnith over! We all can relate to stress and upheaval and I'm so sorry to hear your life seems like it's getting out of control. I will pray for you and the holy spirit will give you clarity. Take care.

  2. That's a whole, whole lot of big things at one time, Susan. I'm thinking of you. Much love and hugs!

  3. Hey hon, my heart goes out to you. I had a similar experience when my Dad moved in with me, many joys, many heartaches. Wishing you all the best and much love to your family. And happy birthday, Chickie! Hope you can relax enough to enjoy your day. xxD