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Monday, January 20, 2014

Cricut Explore News Update!

Cricut Explore News: Yes, Cricut's new machine will cut SVG and True Type Files. Yes, it will still cut Cricut Cartridge Files. Yes, it can be accessed using wireless devices like tablets. YES, it will have NEW special images for 99 cents OR $9.99 month library access. YES, release date is set!!

The HSN launch is set for Mid-February and Retail Outlets in March. The MSRP is $299. 

According to a friend at the launch party:  " Comes with the easiest [to use} software out there! No lie, people! This is the real deal!! This machine cuts smaller than 1/4 of an inch beautifully!!"

I am curious as to the cutting dimensions - how wide of a cut can this machine make? Like many of you, I cannot wait to hear more about this amazing new machine!!! 

For more details, visit Melanie's blog at Courtney Lane Designs!!!  Melanie is the woman in the know!

Nice job, Provo Craft!!

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