Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Personalized Drink Cups with a Friend

Hello friends.  Today I am going to share some fun, personalized drink mugs/cups that my friend Megan made for her female family members.  The women in Megan's family get together before Christmas for a girls only day of lunch and celebration.  Megan and her grandmother, mother, aunt, and cousins gathered last Sunday for their girl's day.  Megan contacted me last month and asked if I would help her personalize a few gifts for the ladies.

Megan purchased double-walled, shatter proof drink "jars" with colored lids.  She had a plan before meeting with to plan.  She knew she wanted her mom's and grandmother's cups to have a Christmas theme, her cousins to have fun designs with fun colors, and for her own and her aunt's mugs to have a University of South Carolina theme.  I am going to be honest here... The Michigan State Spartan in me had trouble with those Gamecock mugs!!  I kept thinking how much better they would look with Sparty on them!

It was fun watching Megan learn to manipulate the vinyl - - which became much easier once I introduced her to transfer tape!!

Megan liked the fun font I used for Maddie's mug so well that she asked if I could use the same font for her first initial too.  This font would be no fun to transfer without the transfer tape.

Oh the gamecocks - shudder!  I created a while frame for the bird so that he stood out a bit.

We added two layer USC initials to the side of Megan and Cindy's mugs....

And to their lids.

I think Megan had fun making the mugs.  She reported back that the mugs were a big hit at her girl's get together.  I am so happy that the other family members liked their mugs.  I thought Megan did a wonderful job of planning what she wanted, selecting colors, and applying the vinyl!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with another Christmas themed post!!


  1. Live a tutorial on how to use the transfer tape!

  2. These are such a great gift idea ! The design for each is wonderful !!


  3. I love these mugs and I love the way they are decorated with the vinyl!! Oh Susan you are so funny, I can remember having to paint these Gamecocks for my uncle in his magnetic sign shop and Bret bought quiet a few Gamecock shirts while we were in Conway this past summer. lol He is such a football fan both college and pro. I love the fonts you chose too!! Now you will have to do a mug for yourself with YOUR team on it! lol Hugs my friend!

  4. How did you create the gamecick logo? I've been trying to find one.

  5. Hi Meredith,

    I found the Gamecock on a facebook site for the Silhouette. Do you have a Cameo Silhouette? If so, email me at spartansus@gforcecable.com and I can sent the cut file to you.