Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello friends!  My children, and two of their significant others, will want to shoot me for posting yet another JibJab video featuring them, but I love these silly cartoons.  I will apologize for this one containing a couple of crass moments, but over all it is cute!!

I hope you each have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Hey Chickie! Happy Thanksgiving. So sorry that I've had my head up my A**. Been missing you, too. Had a chance to do a little catching up on your blog. Beautiful stuff. You're my idol when it comes to Christmas. Love this Thanksgiving video. I'd checked them all out on JibJab but I just don't have enough people in the family (even with Goliath and Jezzie) to fill out the characters. This one was by far my fave. But where are you? LOL Have a great day with loved ones. xxD