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Friday, September 20, 2013

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Hey there everyone!  I am off to the lake today to spend the weekend with some of my best scrappy girlfriends.  But before I depart, I am taking time to share this manly man card with you.   This card was made from a basic vest card cut file (downloaded from the Silhouette America store) and a bit of creativity on my part.

The original vest card included the out side vest cut, the lining, the shirt collar, and tie cuts (oh and the pocket tabs).  While I really liked the basic vest card, the thing that bothered me was that I would have to sign the card over top of the neck tie.  Well that just seemed wrong!  So I created and cut a shirt insert!  Problem solved.

I glued the tie and shirt collar onto the front of the shirt, and then I glued the shirt into the front right side of the vest.   Now when I open the vest I have the entire back of the card free to stamp a message and sign the card!

I found a container of assorted color SEI button top brads in my desk drawer and realized they were perfect for this card.  I added two light blue button brads to the color and four navy button brads to the front of the vest.  I also added the pocket tabs from the original cut file.

Thanks for stopping by today.   I hope you like my crazy printed vest "manly man card".  I will be back soon with another new project.


  1. Oh Susan I like this!!! Perfect for that man that dresses everyday!! I like ot that you made a shirt insert to be able to sign the card! Hugs!