Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Grade Classroom Decor ..... So Far....

Hey there!  It is finally time for the big reveal on Bethany's classroom.  I have worked, on and off, for the last couple of weeks on projects for Bethany.  The photos above and below show her reading area:  a 6 x 6 foot rug surrounded by shelves and bins of books.  I found the cute bench and tower cubes for Bethany and I made the bench cushion and two floor pillows to coordinate with the blue and hot pink color scheme she selected.  I found this plush rug, but I do so wish that the green dots were pink!

In the photo above you can see the hot pink elephant window treatment - a simple topper for very wide windows!  Bethany has two windows that are HUGELY long and are 56 inches wide each.  I made tabbed elephant window toppers to add color to the room.

In the photos above you can see the pink dot and blue chevron box labels. I printed sheets and sheets of these labels for all of her classroom bins.  There are still a dozen or so more to label, but she is getting there.  We worked together on the elephant framed sayings in the reading area.  I made the elephant frames and Bethany inserted her reading text.

Last week I shared Bethany's desk name plaque.  I also made her a new drink tumbler with a great teacher quote on the front.  I did not design the cut file for the tumbler.  It was shared by one of the very helpful people on one of Silhouette sites.

I made the WELCOME banner below.  It doesn't look it in the photo, but the banner is huge.  I have never made a banner this large before.  To put it in perspective, the tree is six feet tall.  I printed out the banner pieces and sewed the white scalloped toppers, the elephants and the ribbons to the the banner sections.

I had absolutely NOTHING to do with these cute elephants below, but I wanted to share. Bethany found these on ebay - they are chalkboard vinyl elephants that are fairly large.  In case you had not gathered, she has a bit of an elephant thing going throughout the room.

When I went into her classroom to deliver rods, window treatments, cushions, candy, file folders, etc. yesterday, I stayed for a while and helped prepare for Student Registration day, which is today.  I stuffed folders, etc.  And of course Bethany came up with a couple of more "go dos" for me.  I will be cutting additional vinyl words, doing some more printing, and trying to come up with some way to brighten her classroom bathroom.

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out bits of Bethany's classroom.


  1. How lucky for first graders to go back to school in such a fun and stimulating enviornment! I can almost feel the excitement. You and Bethany are quite the team! xxD

  2. Super cute. Most people have no idea how much teachers prep on their "summers off". Let alone how much they spend out of pocket to make their classrooms and inviting space for children to learn.

  3. Wow you all did an awesome job with the room. You are such a great mom helping her with everything. Thanks for sharing.


  4. What an amazing job you have done with the room! It looks so colorful and inviting! She is lucky to have you to design such cute and fun elements for it.

  5. Wow, her room is looking amazing!!! I wish I was her student!! lol The students are just going to love being in her class. I love how fun she is making everything for the students!! Hugs!