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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creating Keepsakes Convention Wrap Up

Hello everyone!  I am a little late posting today.  I promised a recap of the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Charlotte, NC last weekend.  To begin with, I had SO MUCH FUN but I was SO tired when I got home!  This year there were only five of us from our usual group that was able to attend the convention.  Our teacher and school administrator friends were on a tight schedule as teachers reported last week and school started on Monday.  I wondered how many parents were also unable to attend due to the school schedule. Anyway, five of us were able to attend.  My friend Susan, pictured on the right below, and I went up to Charlotte on Thursday afternoon and came home Saturday evening.

I took six classes at the convention, three on Friday and three on Saturday, leaving myself some nice shopping gabs in my schedule.  Most of us hit the ground running on Friday morning with an 8:30 am Heartfelt Creations class. Susanne and Susan above and Pat below and I enjoyed the HFC start to our day.  I love HFC dies and stamp sets and we made such pretty cards in the class.

I actually took four Heartfelt Creations classes, which may seem excessive, but I learned something new in each of the classes.   The card below was made in one of the classes.

I can honestly say that I spent more money at the HFC booth than all others added together!  I do so love their products.  For each HFC class I took I received a free stamp set of my choice from the booth.  I choose stamps that matched new dies or dies I already owned.

I also took an Embellish It Latest and Greatest class, which was nice, except Shelby, the usual instructor, was unable to attend on Friday.  Of course I took the Friday class.  My final class was a recipe book with the Button Farm.  I confess that I wanted to leave after a drawing in the shopping area, so I picked up the kit and the instructions and skipped the class.  I do not normally do that, but it was my final class on Saturday afternoon.

Several years ago my friends Suzanne and Pat discovered a wonderful Asian restaurant near the convention center and dining there has become an annual event - Fujo Bistro.  The group of five from Aiken went to Fujo on Friday night.  I had a sushi appetizer and Hawaiian Pineapple, Shrimp, and Chicken fried rice.

On Saturday Pat, Suzanne and Kathy went out to Fuel for mediocre pizza.  Susan and I joined our friend Susan and Joy (from Joy's Life) for dinner at Fujo Bistro.  Joy had the adventure of dining with three Susans and as a bonus she only has one name to remember.  Dining with Susan, Susan, and Joy was a true delight and we stayed at the restaurant talking for a couple of hours.

Below is another Heartfelt Creations card from one of my classes.  This card is a gift card holder.

The center section pulls out and the gift card may be attached to the part that hides inside the flower pot.

One of my pricier purchases from another vendor was this fabulous recipe book kit I purchased from Embellish It.  It has such a vintage look and I think this will be darling when finished.

I decided not to show you all of my purchases, but I will say I purchased several sets of designer card stock.  The two sets below and a wonderful vintage Christmas paper set.  I also picked up some loose card stock sheets.

I did purchase some new embellishment products and a new tool or two that I hope will be helpful.

Susan and I had a wonderful time and could have stayed another day in Charlotte.  Sadly though we did not sign up for the Saturday night crop so we came home.

I hope that the convention is earlier next year so that all of my teacher friends can attend.  I am so ready to go back and enjoy the convention all over again!!

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  1. Hi!! I'm a follower of yours on bloglovin. Saw your reference to the convention. I was there Saturday! Took a MME class which was fabulous. Worked Saturday AM which was really fun.
    It was my first time & I'll definitely be going back.
    We'll have to look for each other next year!