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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pages and Pages and Pages....

Hello everyone - just a quick post today to share my Wednesday with you.  I had plans to go to lunch with a girlfriend.  When she called early morning and cancelled, I decided to attack the mountain of "unbooked pages" piled on my dining room table.  Seriously, I had 4-5 years of unbooked pages!  Embarrassing but true.

I sorted the pages into four piles:  Aaron's pages, Bethany's pages, Ian's pages, Doug&Susan pages.   I then went through each pile and put the pages in as close to chronological order as possible.  Fortunately I do tend to write the dates on the pages!

To give you some idea of how far back Aaron's pages went, I found pages from his first year as a teacher, 2008-2009 school year.  I also ran across the pages where Crissie first started appearing in his photos. I had to laugh at one set of pages.  Aaron and Crissie had gone to Atlanta to visit one of Aaron's former college roommates.  The journaling read:  "Aaron & _________ at the Georgia Aquarium as part of Aaron's weekend trip to visit Logan!"  Clearly I had not yet met Crissie as her name was not filled in!! LOL.

The pile above shows the books I filled yesterday. Only two of those book already had pages in them.  The rest were new!

I still have 2-3 books worth of pages to go - mine and Doug's pages.  I did put our trips into their own books.  And I started a scrapping adventures album.  But all the rest of the pile below are pages from family events, get togethers, or fun times.  I just need a few more Close To My Heart album pages and I will be all caught up!!!

I thought you might enjoy this peek into my organization.  Can you believe I had all of those pages stacked awaiting albums?  So glad I finally hit a couple of 50% album sales!

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. to make the pages...hate to get them into books. I always do...but there's usually bad language used as I do it. Page protectors not necessarily 12"...drives me nuts!!

  2. Oh Mercy, and to think I was the only one with a stack not in Albums, some of mine go back to 2006!

  3. Wow Susan, you are a scrapbooking machine! I love that you had that many layout's done. I do have a stack sitting around, and finally put some in their albums. lol But not as many as you have!! I need to get inspired by you and get some more done! Hugs!

  4. Fortunately I usually put my pages right into the books - but I'm SO far behind making the pages. Good for you for having so many done.

  5. Yeah I have a stack (not quite so tall thought) just waiting for a nice album sale! Awesome pic, made me laugh!