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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In My Garden

Hello everyone.  I have been very busy in my scrap room, but I was not busy with the Cricky or the Cameo - I have been doing a MAJOR reorganization job.  I have finished about 90% of the room and that makes me VERY happy.  I have emptied every drawer, every shelf, every cube and sorted through the contents.  Every item went into one of three piles: 1) Keep it; 2) Trash it; or 3) Sell it.  The keep it pile was the largest by far, though I did have a nice trash pile too.

I am not quite finished with the room because I still have one or two stumbling blocks.  One of my stumbling blocks is the massive amounts of ribbon.  I cannot find one good method of storing all of my ribbons together. I also struggle with sorting my printed card stock/papers.  Some of it is sorted by theme and some by brand... Again, no easy answer for all.

Lest you fear that this entire post is going to be me whining about where to store my scrapping toys, no, I do actually have a project to share with you today!  I made this card the last time my girlfriends and I got together.  I used Heartfelt Creations dies and stamps to cut and stamp the flowers, and I used a HFC stamp for the background of the card.   The flowers were actually left over from a layout I was working on.  I thought I should use the last few flower and they were prefect for a card.  

The flower stamp set also contained the wonder sentiment stamp that I used on the card.  Thefront of this card is actually made completely from leftovers... I used the same colors on the layout I mentioned earlier.  I did add the background stamp to fill in the empty space.  I stamped the background stamp in cocoa ink, then colored the flowers and leaves with Copic markers.  I thought the coloring on the stamp made for a nice finished look.

I finished the card by add Stickles to the centers of the flowers.  I left the inside of the card blank so that I can add a sentiment when I use the card.  Because of the generic sentiment, there are several options for which occasion I might use the card, at which time I could personalize the inside.

Thanks for dropping by today and checking out my flower garden card. I will be back with another project later this week.


  1. I'd love to find a great storage solution for ribbons. I have the loose wider pieces in floss boxes - the clearish ones with the little squares. I can see through the box without opening. Then there are the small rolls, the tiny rolls, the bigger rolls, the carded ribbon, the loose narrow ribbon, printed ribbon... it's scary. And I inherited all my grandmother's ribbon last year - so I'm talking hundreds of rolls, cards, etc... It's a good problem, but I have searched and searched for a good solution and cannot find one.

  2. Aha, the time aged problem of storage for ribbons. I know it well. I finally just put all of the spools on end in a big plastic drawer and so far that seems to work. The loose ribbons are in a big ole' plastic jar Long ago I tried out that rod with both ends stuck through a big box, and the ribbon spools threaded on. That worked about an hour after I used up the ribbon on a spool and then had to dismantle the rod to get to the empty spool. Love your card. Thought I'd better mention that.