Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mad Men Inspired Card - I'm Sorry.

Hello everyone.  As we all know MEN are known to get themselves in trouble on occasion (not women mind you, just men! lol).  Going with my Mad Men (AMC TV show) theme, I have designed the perfect "I'm Sorry" card for the mad man in my life!

Once again I used Cricut's Suburbia cartridge and cut out my "Don" and "Betty" characters.  Bear in mind that Mad Men is set in the 1960s so these vintage people cuts are perfect for the era.  Betty was Don's first "official" wife in the series and I had to laugh at this witty exchange.  Poor Don, Betty had his number!

I will definitely be passing this card along to my older son for safe keeping so that when, at some unknown but "bound to happen" future moment, Aaron needs an apology card for Crissie, this card be ready for him. 

I know today's post is super short and I apologize.  However I usually type my blog entries the day before they post live. Well last night I feel asleep early while reading.... and as I type it is 3:30 am! I woke with my Kindle beside me and realized I had tell you about Don and Betty's card!  I jumped up and dashed to my computer - because the photos and publish time had already been set.  You almost had a photo only blog post today!!!

I will be back tomorrow with a new project - NOT another Mad Men card - but a fun card I made for a special boy!


  1. Super cute. I've enjoyed all your Mad Men cards.

  2. This is flippin' hilarious! Love the quote. Gotta start watching Mad Men. xxD