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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mad Men Inspired Card - Congratulations?

Hello everyone.  Do you watch the AMC show Mad Men?  I actually do not, but my oldest son loves this show.  He said that every single character is despicable yet the show is fantastic.  From the mouth of a 27 year old!!

As soon as I saw the Suburbia cartridge I thought of Mad Men.  The characters on the cartridge have people names, but sadly there is not one Don amidst them.  But that did not stop me from imagining Don, Betty, Midge, etc when I viewed the cartridge.

In tribute to Aaron's Mad Men addiction, I decided to use Suburbia make him a couple of cards to have on hand. Today's card features a dialog exchange from the show that I thought would be "wrongly perfect" for a close friend's engagement.

I chose the beach going silhouette characters from Suburbia to use for this character exchange.  I thought Don would think Midge looked good in her bathing suit.  But Midge is one smart cookie and is on to Don Draper!

I found some fun retro looking paper in my paper stash that was perfect for this 1960's setting.I added topical bathing suits for Don and Midge and a striped background.  The dialog exchange was printed in blue to match Don's swim suit.   Inside the card says "Congratulations on your engagement".  Aaron has a friend that this card would be perfect for, should he ever become engaged.  His friend has a crazy sense of humor and would like this card. 

Thanks for dropping by and checking out Don and Midge today.  I will be back tomorrow with a new Event Wednesday post tomorrow.  On Thursday I have another Mad Men inspired card to share!!



  1. I don't watch Mad Men either but this card is perfect. I love the sentiment. This rocks.

  2. LOL This card is funny! I've never seen the show you are talking about but it looks pretty funny! Hugs!

  3. I freakin' LOVE it! I adore the Suburbia cart and this whole Mad Men theme is just sooo perfect! xxD