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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Event Wednesday - Speakeasy Invitations

Hello everyone!  Today is Event Wednesday and that means I get to tell you about my next event and share the first of several crafts I plan to use for this event.  On April 20th Doug and I plan to host a Speakeasy party with several of our couples friends.  I am excited about this party as it is yet another opportunity for time travel and vintage fashions while enjoying the company of some of our favorite couples. 

Today I am sharing the invitations that I crafted for the event.  I used my Cricut E2 and the Art Deco cartridge, along with printed inserts to create this multi-layered invitation.   I began by sizing the layered background cuts for the front of the card in Cricut Craft Room.  I narrowed and lengthened the Art Deco design to better fit the card.  I then cut the layers in three colors of cardstock: Black, Red and Cream (which looks white in the photos).  I completely deleted the back layer of this cut in order to have empty space at the top of the card.  Still using Art Deco, I cut silhouettes of my Jazz dancing couple in gold glitter cardstock.  I finished the front of the card with the title rectangle: Slide Though Time to 1920

Inside the card I utilized both sides of the card, half for fun facts and art and the other half for party information.  On the left side I created my own background paper by printing a list of 1920's slang in two columns and sizing the text to fit on a red mat inside the card.  I also cut the dancing Jazz couple Silhouettes from the cover in black cardstock and placed them and the "Repeal the 18th Amendment" button over the text. I did go into photoshop and recolor the Repeal button in order to add a bit of color to the left side of the card.

Using my computer and printer, I set up and printed the invitation information for the right inside of the card.  I wanted a light-hearted feeling as this is going to be a significantly less formal event than last year's Titanic party.  For the blog post only, I used photoshop and removed any personal information printed on the inside of the invitations. 

I suspect that I do not need to give too much of a background on the Roaring '20s in the US. They were called the Roaring '20s because the stock market was prosperous, the soldiers were home from WWI, the pandemic flu was over, and life was good. Add to those historic factors, the US's 18th Amendment which outlawed the sale of Alcoholic Beverages in the US and it was a perfect storm for the introduction of small private party clubs, which became known as the Speakeasy clubs. The clubs were private to keep the authorities from "busting" the establishment. Most clubs operated with special keys or passwords for entry and in addition to serving "bathtub gin" and bootleg booze, the clubs also strengthened the popularity of Jazz music and gambling! The Speakeasy clubs were the center of the alcohol consuming/gambling underworld, and the source of many US fortunes with the advent of Bootlegging.

Bootlegging refers to the sale and distribution of illegal alcoholic beverages in the US. In addition to notorious gangsters like Al Capone, several well known families made great fortunes in the Bootlegging industry (Joe Kennedy, for one).

The 18th amendment - Prohibition - passed in 1919 and went into law in January of 1920, setting the stage for the roaring '20s!

So far we have had nothing but good responses to the invitations.  My non-crafting friends think they are over the moon, which is always nice, but really anyone with Art Deco could make a similar card.  My only concern right now is the crazy spring weather we have had.  Everyone PLEASE think dry thoughts for me on April 20th.  We are hoping to have a portion of this party outside and truly need dry weather!!

Thanks for stopping by for my Event Wednesday post. I will be back tomorrow with a new post for you.


  1. Susan, you've done it again. If you don't mind I will live vicariously through your social whirl. These are fabulous.

  2. OMGosh, this invite is amazing! But one problem....mine got lost in the mail!! lol,lol Seriously Susan this is a stunning invite and your party sounds like it is going to be so much fun!! It looks like this invite would go good with the new Great Gatsby Movie! Which I've already told my son that I want a free pass to go and see!! (he works at the local movie theater) lol Hugs!