Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Event Wednesday - Details, Details, Details...

Hello everyone.  I am back with my second to last Event Wednesday post - the Speakeasy Party is this Saturday and with only 4 days to go I am down to details, details, details.  I have a schedule for what I should be doing on Thursday, what I will do on Friday, and the final touches on Saturday.  But in the meantime, I will share a couple of items I have made for the party.

Using my Silhouette Cameo and a print and cut tag, I made labels for the buffet table.  I used a multi-print cardstock with black, browns, grays and golds to cut rosettes.  After assembling the rosettes I added the labels.  The labels are from the Silhouette America store and the phrase "the details" is already part of the label.  I used a 1920's looking font and added the food names to the labels.  I then printed and cut the labels and finished them by adding touches of gold coloring with a Copic marker.

I decided that instead of making one dessert with large servings like I did last year for the Titanic party, this year and I am going to try three mini desserts.  I found these adorable 3.5 ounce margarita glasses and plan to use use them as my largest dessert - the Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle.

The 2 ounce square dessert dishes below are disposable and will be used to serve the mini Brownie Trifle, my smallest dessert.  The spoons in both photos are only 4 inches long and are perfect for mini desserts.  The third dish I plan to use for dessert has a small flutter edge and will serve a Pineapple Trifle.

I thought it might be fun to have a few photo accessories on hand so in addition to a boa and bowler hat, I cut some glasses, mustaches and flapper headbands.  I still have to cut lips and few other fun items and I plan to have these in a jar available for anyone to use.

My final share today is a sneak peek - this hand sewn beading is on my daughter Bethany's flapper dress.  We were very lucky to have found this dress for her and she is thrilled with it.  The dress looks darling on her and I cannot wait to share a photo of Bethany in her flapper dress.

Thanks for stopping by today for Event Wednesday.  I will be back tomorrow with another new post and I will be back next Wednesday with photos of the party and a write up of the event!!


  1. Fabulous, Susan. You really lead an interesting life.

  2. Really looks beautiful and the snea peek of the dress is exquisite. xxD