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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Side Step Easter Card

Hello everyone.  Today we are going to take a peek at a certain daughter's Easter card.... Bethany just stop reading and looking right now.  And ignore today's post when it shows up on your facebook feed!  :)

Today's card is like that special breed of dog that my mom used to call a Heinz 57 - to most of us that means a mixed breed mutt.  Well this card sort of has that mixed breed thing going on.  The stamped image was shared with me by my friend Susan M.  Susan used this big eyed girl on her granddaughter's darling Easter card and I just had to have a copy of her too!  I colored the image with Copic markers and then build a card around that image.... seriously.

Two weeks ago the Silhouette America store had four new cards (amidst many other cuts) to purchase and download.  One of those cards was this side step card.  It included the basic card and the cut for the back of the step sections and the "L" shaped cut for the front of the card.  I decided my Easter girl would look cute on a the step card.

I decided that the big eyed girl would look cute on a shaped tag.  And when a shaped tag would look good, well you know two layers would look even better, right?   So yes, I added the printed pink layer.

Since my big eyed girl is carrying her Easter basket, clearly she is either at an Easter egg hunt or she is looking for the Easter bunny.  And who is hidden amid the side step layers?  Yes!  The Easter bunny.  Complete with pink facial features, tummy, and ear inserts, it is a very adorable Easter bunny.  The bunny was part of a cut where the bunny is holder a banner.  I ditched the banner and just used the bunny portion of the cut.

But even adding the bunny was not enough... So I added a fence to define the yard in which big eyed girl might find the Easter bunny or Easter eggs.... A fence from yet another Silhouette card cut file!  And because the year required a defined back border, I added a little grove of trees!  And yes, the trees were from yet another Silhouette card set. 

So now you understand why I think Bethany's Easter card is a bit of a mixed breed mutt of paper crafting.  I used elements from several, and I do mean several, Silhouette cut files.    I like pulling elements from many sources and combining them well.  Let's hope that Bethany things I combined the parts well on this card!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with an Event Wednesday post where I will tell you all about my Palm Sunday Girlfriend Tea Party.  I hope you will be back for that post.