Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter to My Peeps

I have a confession to make - I am actually not a fan of the Easter candy known as Peeps.  My husband and sons think that Peeps are yummy, but I like them for the decorative nature.  Last year I used chocolate fondue and welded Peeps the edge of the salad plates for Easter dinner (the photo above).  This year I have done nothing that creative.  But that is okay because when deciding what to post on my blog for today I found a site that combined my favorite TV show with Peeps!   I give you DOWNTON ABBEY PEEPS!

The traditional Downton Cover shot!

Above stairs and behind the green door!

May you all have a happy and safe Easter!!! 
Remember to eat the chocolate first because the peeps will last for at least a year!!!


Tammy said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. Be blessed. I too am not a fan of peeps though the boys do like them. Smiles...Tammy

Stephanie said...

I don't like Peeps either but my grandsons do. The first words out of the 7 year olds mouth when he saw his basket was, "Where's the Peeps?" I mean come on. I like what you did with them. I think they look cute but don't want to eat them. Downton Abbey, a scream.
Happy Easter.

Jayne said...

Didn't know what peeps were but LOVE what you've done with them!
Happy Easter!
Jayne x

DonnaMundinger said...

Too cute, Susan! I only like Peeps when they ARE at least a year old and chewy as all get out. The Downton Abbey variety are a hoot. Hope your Easter was great. xxD

Brenda said...

You do set a beautiful table Susan! I think I need to just move in with you so you can teach me these things! lol Ok, but I thought it was a good idea! Hugs!!