Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Can 100 Duck Bucks Buy A 2nd Grader?

Hello everyone.  So, guess what I did yesterday?  If your guess was "spent several hours making Duck Bucks" you would be right!  I had NO idea when I started this project that it would take me so long.... Or that my back would be so tired by the time I finished leaning into my desk for hours.  Of course, that belly-flop dive I did on the ceramic tile kitchen floor yesterday morning probably did not help my back either!!!  Oh yes, you could have guessed "fell flat in your kitchen floor" and that would count for what I did yesterday too!

I was walking through the kitchen talking to my Doctor's office on the phone when my slipper grabbed the edge of the rug - or the rug grabbed the edge of the slipper - well one of them grabbed the other and I did a front dive into the floor.  Oddly enough I did not seem to be hurt, other then my pride.  Doug ran into the room and the doctor's office kept saying, "Mrs. Edwards?  Are you okay?"  Such is my life... I am a "bit" of a klutz so I really did not get too excited about the fall!  Anyway, I think my floor dive may be contributing to my crafter's backache. 

Remember last fall when I told you that my daughter was student teaching in a second grade class?  She graduated in December and now she is teaching in a second grade class across the hall from where she did her student teaching!  While we are sad for the teacher who had the class (and her illness), we were thrilled with the timing for Bethany.

One of the changes Bethany is implementing is a rewards program called Duck Bucks.  She has a classroom mascot named Bill - a Duck.  So Duck Bucks was the perfect reward payment.  The students can earn the Duck Bucks and then use them to purchase items in the classroom. 

I used my Silhouette Cameo and a duck cut to create the Duck Bucks.  I built the dollar cut myself - and I learned a new skill in Silhouette studio software - and cut the dollar frames in various colors of cardstock.  The ducks were placed in the middle of the duck buck cuts and then added their bills and eyes.

I finished the Duck Bucks by stamping the words Duck and Buck as well as the number one onto each Duck Buck. 

Bethany was surprised this morning to find 100 Duck Bucks ready to take to school with her.  My next school project will be to make something for the kids to celebrate Bethany's birthday!   I think they may get treat bags for their teacher's birthday!!

Thanks for stopping by today.... I am off to soak in a hot tub....  I think grocery shopping may wait until tomorrow.


  1. Susan, those are so cute, what a lucky 2nd grade class, so hope your back gets better soon, I fell in my garden last summer and it took weeks to work that kink out, hugs

  2. and now you have a hundred really nice oval cuts to make something out of... These are so cute! And your daughter is lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks like a lot of work. Maybe you should laminate them so they last her for many years to come.

    Sorry about the fall!

  4. What a cute idea! I'm going to be student teaching soon and will definitely have to remember this idea. :) Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. Oh, you poor thing! Take it easy, Chickie. Your bucks are adorable. what a great idea. You're the best Mom. Congrats to Bethany on her teaching job. The kids are gonna love this. xxD

  6. Oh Susan I'm so sorry to hear that you fell in your kitchen!! But I am glad that you are ok and didn't break anything!!! I do know all about the back ach and hope that it is feeling better. Your duck bucks are just adorable and I know the students will love them too! I think it is so cool that you are helping your DD by doing things like this, can't wait to see what else you make for the class!!