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Friday, January 25, 2013

St. Valentine Candle Decor with Vinyl

Hello everyone!  I spent yesterday afternoon playing in my scraproom with the Silhouette Cameo and a sheet of red vinyl.  I had several images I wanted to cut with the red vinyl, but I only had a 12 x9 sheet left so I had work carefully to ensure that everything fit.

I removed all of the vinyl from my candles - you can see their previous looks in THIS post - and hurricanes, leaving them "naked".  I must say the bare candles looked a bit funny because I was so used to the embellished versions.   It is so easy to remove the vinyl and add new that this seemed such an easy way to move my decor into a new season.

I used various heart cuts from the Silhouette store, welding them together to create a heart cascade.  I was worried that two of the hearts might be too delicate to cut cleanly, but not only did they cut cleanly, they cut cleanly twice!!!   The only thing I wish I had done - NOTE, this is an opportunity to learn from my failure - I should have flipped one of the heart cascades to create a mirror image cascade for the opposite candle. 

The other images I added in onto my sheet of red vinyl was the lips kiss cut.  I cut the lips twice, once for each of the small globes in my sconces.  Bethany liked the lips, Doug not so much.  Though Doug did like all of the hearys and other Valentine decor I created.

And above is a view of the mantle.  I added red glitter hearts into the floral arrangements to add a bit of Valentine sparkle to the middle of the mantle. 

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I will be back on Monday with another Cricut project with my other blog,  Bitten by the Bug 2.


  1. Your mantel looks fabulous and so beautiful! I am diggin' the lips, but my hubby probably wouldn't like them either. lol But men aren't know for their fashion!

  2. The pops of red really draw your eyes to your mantle. Beautiful! I really like the cascading hearts. :)

  3. So many adorable elements on this- the snowman, the cute digi and the cool window. What a great combo for an awesome card.